Customs Regulations

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Duty Exemptions for Visitors

Customs Duty Exemption 1988, Clause 19 allows Malaysian citizens and visitors to import goods, provided they abide by these conditions:

Wine, liquor / liquor malt

All not more than 1 litre


200 cigarettes / 50 cigars / 225 gm

Clothes / Apparel

Not more than 3 pieces


Not more than 1 pair

Cosmetics or electronic personal care items / toiletries or using batteries

Not more than 1 unit

Duty Food item

Not more than RM75


Not more than RM400 (except goods from Langkawi and Labuan, worth not more than RM500)

The above goods can be imported and are exempted from customs duty if these conditions are followed:


1.The goods are imported together or in visitors baggage

2.Goods are for personal usage and used regularly

3.Visitors can convince the Customs Officer that they are not Malaysian citizens and are only planning to stay in Malaysia for less than 72 hours.

4. For Malaysian citizens, they have to convince the Customs Officer that have left the country not less than 72 hours (for Labuan  Federal Territory - 24 hours and Langkawi - 48 hours)

Malaysian citizens or visitors who carry goods exceeding the stated duty free limit must pay full tax for the excess with a ratio of 30% from the worth of goods.

For further details, please contact:


Customs Department Director Of Customs KLIA
Puan Azizah Binti Ibrahim
Level 2, Airport Management Centre (AMC),
KL International Airport,
64000 Sepang, Selangor.
Tel : +603-8776 8555
Fax: +603-8787 2311
Operational Office
1) Malaysian Royal Customs
Level 3, Main Terminal Building,
Tel : +603-8776 6575
Fax: +603-8776 6617

2) Malaysian Royal Customs at Cargo KLIA
Tel : +603-8775 2379
Fax: +603-8787 4061

3) Malaysian Royal Customs at LCCT KLIA
Tel : +603-8775 2593
Fax: +603-8775 2605

4) Malaysian Royal Customs at Pos Malaysia KLIA
Tel : +603-8787 1054
Fax: +603-8787 2718
    Malaysian Royal Customs Headquarters,
Block 2G1B, Finance Ministry Complex
Precinct 2, Federal Territory Administration Complex
62596 Putrajaya, Malaysia
Tel : +603-8882 2100
Fax: +603-8889 5884

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