Rules and Regulations


1.0 KLIA

KLIA is the main gateway for international and domestic travel by air. The core business is to serve the public who uses KLIA for this purpose. However, there are times when there are production houses that need to use the futuristic, aesthetic airport either for films or commercial.


The management of Malaysia Airports (Sepang) Sdn Bhd ["Malaysia Airports (Sepang)"] has come out with the general rules and regulations to ensure that the main core business is not affected in any way and that any companies or person ("the Company") interested to do filming/photography at KLIA shall abide by it.


2.1 The Company is not permitted to include in the filming / photography at KLIA any scenes depicting violence (e.g. shooting or killing) or indecency or pornography (e.g. nudity or semi-nudity).


2.2 The Company shall ensure that its personnel are properly attired at all times during the filming/photography session at KLIA.


2.3 The Company shall ensure that all heavy equipment are brought to the Airside area using the Company’s own vehicles and shall not use the Track Transit System for such purpose.


2.4 The Company shall provide its own trolleys for the filming/photography session at KLIA.


2.5 Filming / photography shall only be conduct during working days except SATURDAY, SUNDAY and PUBLIC HOLIDAY


2.6 Filming / photography are not allowed at the AIRSIDE (APRON/TARMAC) AREA of KLIA.


2.7 Not to block any passenger and public’s passage way, any signage or any view of other advertisement.


2.8 NOT ALLOWED to sleep at any of the passenger public seating at terminal area of KLIA.


2.9 The Company shall display ‘Filming in Progress’ board (size – 34cm x 25cm) at all the times during filming/photography session at KLIA.


2.5 The Company shall indemnify and hold Malaysia Airports (Sepang) harmless from and against any loss, claims and damages from any person or third party arising out off or in connection with the filming / photography session at KLIA.


2.6 Malaysia Airports (Sepang) will not accept any responsibility for theft, loss or damage of equipment or property belonging to the Company.


2.7 The Company shall be liable for any loss or damages caused to any of Malaysia Airports (Sepang)’s installation, fittings, its properties or for any property under Malaysia Airports (Sepang)’s possession, control, care and custody or of any third party’s property in relation to the filming / photography session at KLIA.


2.8 The Company shall be responsible and liable for any claims, loss or damages to its own properties, equipment and facilities at KLIA.


2.9 Malaysia Airports (Sepang) reserves the right to stop the filming at any time without prior notice to the Company in the interest of safety and security of KLIA.



3.1 The Company shall furnish the following documents to Malaysia Airports (Sepang) for its prior approval: -


a. Official request letter with company letterhead need to be sent to :


Aznan Othman
Senior Manager Operation
Passenger Services
Malaysia Airport (Sepang) Sdn. Bhd.
4th Floor, Airport Management Center
KL International Airport
64000 KLIA
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel : 03-8776 6400
Fax : 03-8776 9200


b. A copy of the approval letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs – Film Censorship Unit, Malaysia. This requirement is necessary for foreign Company. The foreign Company shall include a local sponsor to support their application for filming/photography at KLIA.


c. A List of the Company’s personnel involved in the filming/photography at KLIA and their particulars (name and identity card / passport number).


d. A List of equipment to be used for the filming / photography at KLIA.


e. Certificates of Insurance being a Public liability insurance policy with a minimum sum insured of RM 1,000,000.00 to cover claims for personal injury or death or loss or damage to property by passengers, users, public, airport staff and third parties in the event of any mishap during the filming / photography session at KLIA.


f. The storyboard / script of the filming / photography at KLIA.


g The locations and the timing particulars.


h. A copy of the approval letter from the Department of Civil Aviation (if it involves airspace above KLIA for the filming/ photography session).


i. A copy of the approval letter from the relevant airlines or other agencies at KLIA. Malaysia Airports (Sepang) may assist and coordinate in the matter if necessary.



4.1 All bookings must be made at least fourteen (14) days before the schedule filming. Bookings made less than two weeks will be subject to a premium rate (and the filming is still subject to approval). A 300% premium will be imposed if the booking is made less than 72 hours and 100% premium will be imposed if the booking is made between four (4) to seven (7) days.

4.2 The filming / photography session which exceeds the stipulated time, an extra payment shall be made by the Company to Malaysia Airports (Sepang) immediately upon the completion of the session. The charge rate applicable will be subject to 300% premium on the normal rate. Payment shall be made to the Terminal Duty Executive at KLIA. An official receipt will be issued for the payment.


Locations permitted subject to approval at KLIA





Public area

RM300.00 per hour


Terminal (Security area)

RM600.00 per hour


Free Commercial Zone (Security area)

RM600.00 per hour



6.1 Malaysia Airports (Sepang) provides other services for rental for the use of the Company during the filming / photography session at KLIA as follows:-

a) 'Filming on Progress' board.
The Company shall display the above board at all times during filming /photography session at KLIA. The rental for the board is RM20.00 per session.

b) Barricade (stand and rope) - RM40.00

c) Electricity usage is based on the standard charge rate at KLIA.

All equipment that requires power supply must be notified accordingly. No portable generators are allowed in the Main Terminal Building, the Satellite Building or any other buildings at KLIA.

d) Airport Fire and Rescue Services. (AFRS Services)

AFRS Services will be required for the safety of all concerned at KLIA in particular when it involves filming of moving vehicles. The rate for the services is as per Appendix A.


7.1 The Company shall obtain for its personnel airport security passes and shall ensure that its personnel wear the airport security pass at all times. The charge for the airport security pass is RM1.00 per person.


7.2 Airport security staff shall accompany the Company’s filming crew throughout the duration of the filming / photography session at KLIA. The presence of the airport security staff is to ensure smooth running of the filming/photography session and to ensure that the interests of the passengers, airport users, airport staff and other parties are protected.


In the event the Company requires more than 20 personnel for the filming/photography session, two (2) airport security staffs shall be engaged.


The charge rate for each airport security staff is RM40.00 for 1st two hours (minimum) and RM 20.00 for one hour consecutively per security personnel.