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Malaysia Airports continues to promote academic excellence through beyond borders programme

21 June 2013

Sepang, 21 June 2013 - Malaysia Airports is looking forward to extend the success of the Beyond Borders programme to its nine new schools in the third series of the educational corporate responsibility programme.

From its modest start as a Khazanah's PINTAR-inspired program in 2007, Beyond Borders has now become one of Malaysia Airports' corporate responsibility (CR) pillars, and will continue to be the main agenda of its CR activity. With the adoption of nine new schools in 2013, a total of 30 schools have been adopted so far nationwide. Malaysia Airports believes that it has established a strong foundation in its Beyond Borders programme for the continued success into the future.

YBhg. Dato' Azmi Murad, Senior General Manager, Operations Services of Malaysia Airports said, "Malaysia Airports' Beyond Borders programme envisions creating continuous improvement in English Language among its adopted schools. The programme has been designed with two objectives. The first is to achive sustainable improvement and achievement in English language through laying the foundation for listening, speaking, reading and writing, to the targeted students; and secondly, to improve and enhance students' confidence to communicate and interact through fun an exciting classroom teaching and other creative means.

Beyond Borders as part of Malaysia Airports' Corporate Responsibility initiatives has proven to be the best way for us to reach out to the community surrounding our airports. Successful academic records from all the adopted schools from previous programmes, and positive and encouraging feedbacks from all the participating individuals, be it the students, teachers or parents has inspired us to continue giving back to the school community through this channel."

Y.Bhg. Datuk Dr. Khair Mohamad Yusof, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran (Pembangunan Professionalisme Keguruan), stressed on the importance of education for the country, "As Malaysia moves toward achieving the developed nation status, our education system has long assumed a crucial role in transforming the nation. In this knowledge and innovation-driven global economy, it is essential to put a consistent and focused effort in developing a world-class talent pool to move the nation forward. We have to ensure that our education system will produce world-class human capital that is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt to the changes in the increasingly dynamic global economy."

Datuk Dr. Khair also commended Malaysia Airports on the Beyond Borders programme, "I commend Malaysia Airports for its ingenuity in developing a sustainable programme such as Beyond Borders that has helped a large number of underprivileged students nationwide improve and enhance their academic excellence, especially in English language subject. Beyond Borders Programme also serves as a supporting platform to provide the primary school students the academic preparation and self efficacy to move to secondary schools. This is the kind of support that the Ministry Of Education welcomes and looks forward to receive from corporations like Malaysia Airports."

The progressive achievement of the Beyond Borders program is very commendable, as overall results of examinations at our previous schools have improved, especially for the English language subject. Overall passing rate improved in 2012 compared to the previous years. The students' proficiency in English language has shown encouraging improvement, achieving an average percentage of 75% passes in English subject for year 2012 compared to only 52% in 2010.

Despite the difference in the profiles and dynamics of each of the adopted schools, the various programs implemented under the Beyond Borders program will enable all schools to benefit from it.

The adoption period has also been extended from three to four years, allowing Malaysia Airports to groom and monitor the progress starting from the current Standard 3 students' under the Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah(KSSR) lesson plan. With the longer adoption period, Malaysia Airports will also have the opportunity to identify problems and find solutions through the activities planned under Beyond Borders.

The activities tailored for Beyond Borders programme are based on two conceptual frameworks. The first is through the Enrichment approach, where Malaysia Airports strive to enhance language excellence through engagement and support programmes such as Beyond Borders English Language (BEL) Programme, Teachers' Workshop and Young Readers' Programme. The Beyond Borders Teachers' Workshop kick-off today focus on early training of the teachers, an important group in rolling out the Beyond Borders programme at the adopted schools.

The second framework is using Artistic approach, where Malaysia Airports aims to discover and refine the students' articulation skills with expression via programmes such as the drama competition Act-It-Up and the inaugural Tell-A-Story competition.

Through these competitions, Malaysia Airports hope it will spur the sense of competitiveness amongst the schools and motivate them to improve their performance from time to time. The Beyond Borders' Awards has managed to increase the English language competency and unearthed talents of the students, as well as enhancing the teaching skills for the teachers.

Envisaging equal or even better success, Malaysia Airports is launching the Beyond Borders at nine new adopted schools. The nine new adopted schools are:-

1. SK Temonyong, Langkawi, Kedah

2. SK Labohan Dagang, Banting, Selangor

3. SK Bachang, Melaka

4. SK Che Latiff, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

5. SK Duyong, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu

6. SK Merpati, Sandakan, Sabah

7. SK Patau-Patau, Labuan, Sabah

8. SK Sibu Jaya, Sibu, Sarawak

9. SK Kg Jepak, Bintulu, Sarawak

For selection of these new schools, Malaysia Airports maintained the proximity to the airport as the main criteria, as Malaysia Airports strive to help the communities surrounding the airports improve and elevate their education quality and personal efficacy. Other criterion includes the academic performance of these schools based on UPSR results, whereby focus is channeled to schools that are underprivileged from the academic and social aspects.

Malaysia Airports will continue to commit its resources, including its employee's time as volunteers/mentors as well as potential third party involvement to work with and motivate the students and teachers. Malaysia Airports' employees have been very engaged in the programme, as the volunteers number grew by 74.55% in 2012 with a total 110 volunteers, over the previous year.

Dato' Azmi expressed Malaysia Airports' gratitude to all the partners, "I would also like to take this opportunity to extend Malaysia Airports' greatest appreciation to the Ministry of Education, to the states' Department of Education and the districts' Education Office for all their support and involvement in the development and implementation of Beyond Borders programme. Malaysia Airports would also like to thank the PINTAR Foundation for its guidance, recommendations, and support in ensuring only the best approaches were taken to develop Beyond Borders' activities. We hope to have an endearing collaboration and relationship with our partners."

Malaysia Airports is also thankful to its subsidiary, Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA which has also supported and contributed greatly towards making the event a success by co-hosting all the participants at Sama-Sama KLIA.

Beyond Borders has proven to be an effective community programme, as recognized by the awards Malaysia Airports received - Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards (AREA) 2009 Malaysia, The StarBiz-ICR Malaysia Corporate Responsibility Awards 2009 and Corporate Nationhood Initiatives Awards (2012).

Also present at the launching ceremony of Beyond Borders were Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Dato' Seri Arshad Ayub, Pengerusi Lembaga Pemegang Amanah Yayasan PINTAR; members of Yayasan PINTAR and senior officers of Malaysia Airports.

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