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Whistleblowing Policy

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Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad ("MAHB") is committed to the highest standards of honesty, openness and accountability. In line with that commitment we expect employees, and others that we deal with, who have genuine concerns about any aspect of MAHB's operations to come forward and voice those concerns.

MAHB has in place a Whistleblowing Policy to guide the Company in dealing with disclosure of improprieties covered under the policy. The Whistleblowing Policy is applicable to all employees of MAHB Group of Companies, external parties who have business relationships with the Group and members of the public.

A Whistleblowing Independent Committee ("WIC") has been set-up to administer, deliberate, appoint the investigating team (where necessary) and decide the next course of action for concerns raised by the employees and external parties.

If you are aware of any wrongdoing or malpractice, unethical and unlawful conduct or risks to financial, operational, safety and health within MAHB Group kindly use the following reporting channels to disclose your concerns:

1. e-mail to

2. online submission through the website (the e-form will be made available soon)

In disclosing your concerns, you are encouraged to:

  • raise the concern promptly,
  • preferably in writing,
  • with as much factual information as possible,
  • provide your name and contact information.

All concerns will be dealt with in strictest confidence and you will be assured that your identity will be kept confidential within the limits required by the law.

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