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Our Beyond Borders Program

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Our Beyond Borders Program

Malaysia Airports participated in Project PINTAR (Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent, Advocating Responsibility), established under the patronage of the Ministry of Finance and Khazanah Nasional. In taking ownership of the project, Malaysia Airports gave it a new identity with the theme, Beyond Borders, and a new tagline 'Give Them Wings, Let Them Fly'.

This new identity illustrates Malaysia Airports' aspiration towards helping the underprivileged children in elevating the academic standards of the underprivileged children since 2007. Malaysia Airports has adopted a total of 30 schools and is currently running the third phase of the school adoption program.

Beyond Borders highlights the importance of education and improvement on academic standards, particularly the command of the English language, of under-privileged students at Malaysia Airports' schools. These objectives are the fundamentals of Beyond Borders framework that are translated into Beyond Borders program pillars that consist of enrichment and artistic approach that incorporates academic and non-academic components of the national curriculum:

Workshops for teachers on project management and English language

The workshop is aimed to inspire and encourage teachers to incorporate more fun and creative elements in the subjects they teach, and increase their English Language proficiency levels. Conducted annually, workshop modules are enhanced every year to further equip the teachers with project management, communications and information skills.

Young Readers' Programme

The reading programme aims to instill reading habits among students thus increasing vocabulary, and improve pronunciation. Students are encourage to read, whereby fun and interactive activities will be conducted to gauge the understanding of the story books.

Beyond Borders English Language (BEL) Programme

The programme is formed to bring about more effective teaching and learning by banding students according to levels. Students are provided with extra practice of items taught in the classroom with the approach of practice makes perfect.

'Act it Up' Drama Competition

The competition allows students to express themselves with performing arts based on story books donated by Malaysia Airports. Students from Year 3 and 5 entertain crowds with their on-stage performance of their interpretation of a proposed theme.

Motivational talks themed 'Crossing the Border'

The programme also educates students aged 12 years in self-motivation and personal efficacy. We aim to prepare students for their future by equipping them with knowledge regarding personal qualities that will enable them to prosper in today's challenging and rapidly changing society.

The journey with Beyond Borders is an inspiring one. With the wings given to each school, students have shown clear improvements in various aspects of their knowledge. Beyond Borders brings out the gem in every student, so they shine with confidence and pride.

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