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24 February 2017

SEPANG - In reference to the statement made today by Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) pertaining to the chemical substance identified as “VX Nerve Agent” in the case of the death of a North Korean national, Malaysia Airports will extend its full cooperation to PDRM and the authorities on any actions required to ensure the safety of the airport users.  

We have checked with Menara Clinic at klia2 terminal and there has been no anomalies on the medical cases reported at the clinic since the date of the incident. However as the police had earlier indicated that the case involved a highly toxic substance, as a safety precaution we had sent our customer service staff who attended to the victim for a medical check-up and the medical report states that she is in good health.  

Malaysia Airports has in place a standard daily cleaning process that involves scrubbing the floor using the Ride-On-Scrubber machine with multipurpose cleaning chemical and water. This process is performed six times a day at klia2 terminal.  Apart from that, all toilets are also washed down nightly. We have also been informed that the cleaning staff are in good health.  

“Our priority is always to ensure passengers’ security and safety, and we are engaging closely with all the relevant parties such as Ministry of Health to facilitate any measures that are required,” said Datuk Badlisham Ghazali, Managing Director of Malaysia Airports.

“We have also been keeping all our key stakeholders including the airlines informed of any developments,” he added.  

The Ministry of Health has advised that the public need not worry as had there been any exposure, those exposed would have shown signs and symptoms immediately or within 18 hours after the exposure.

Nevertheless we welcome PDRM’s efforts on additional initiatives to further ensure the safety of passengers and staff at the airport.

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