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KLIA Aeropolis

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Malaysia Airports' airport city master plan, dubbed KLIA Aeropolis, spans across 6,750 acres of land surrounding KL International Airport (KLIA). A diversified and integrated city with comprehensive facilities for retail, exhibitions, leisure and tourism activities, KLIA Aeropolis is the ideal location for your business to thrive in a high-growth, optimum value area.

KLIA Aeropolis master plan development was driven by the accessibility, speed and agility factors that the airport provides to time-sensitive supply chains and corporate connectivity, nationally and globally. It is envisioned to become a truly remarkable new airport city development with top-class tourism attractions, to become a destination in its own right.

KLIA Aeropolis Master Plan comprises:

  1. Commercial Business Zone
  2. Free Commercial Zone
  3. Recreational & Institutional Zone
  4. Agro-Tourism & Theme Parks
  5. Natural Conservation Zone
  6. Cargo & Logistics
  7. Medical Tourism


Download the KLIA Aeropolis brochure to find out more.


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