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Malaysia Airports volunteer programme was officially implemented in 2011 with 126 employees involved. In 2012, the numbers of volunteers increased to 151. The majority of our employees support our community activities.

We created and launched the CR Volunteering System in 2012 to track the number of volunteers participating for a specific activity and capture volunteering hours. This system enables us to have a systematic approach to collecting volunteers' data since most of our employees are located at various airports within Malaysia. Volunteers may use participation in CR activities to support the development competencies during the PMS evaluation.

The act of volunteerism cultivates significant benefits to our employees, community and organisation. Through volunteering, we enhance the relationship between Malaysia Airports and the surrounding airport community. Volunteers serve as a bridge of communication to the community, positioning us as a socially responsible and concerned organisation. This increases and improves the understanding of the benefits that volunteering brings to the society, especially to the airports that we operate. Additionally, our volunteers develop personal leadership and people skills.

Our commitment to touching the lives of the community will continue as we hope to produce positive results, create more awareness and cultivate a significant impact with the contribution and support from our employees.

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