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Malaysia Airports Organises Its Second Annual Green Day Programme

14 February 2013

Sepang, 14 Febuary 2013 - Malaysia Airports launched its second annual "Green Day" programme on 14 February, a two-pronged employee engagement activity which aims to stimulate environmental awareness and also to enhance camaraderie among its staff.

Through this programme, Malaysia Airports shares, instils and stimulates its belief and commitment in environmental preservation with all the staff. Malaysia Airports has always placed employee engagement high on the organisation's agenda, and has made Green Day as its annual programme towards its relentless pursuit of organisational excellence.

It was one of the Company's Environment Cross Functional Team (CFT) initiatives and the execution of the programme was led by Malaysia Airports' Safety, Health & Environment (SHE), Human Resources Services Division.

Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad, Managing Director of Malaysia Airports said, "The objectives of this Green Day are also in-line with Management's commitment towards carbon-neutral growth and the Company's aspiration to become an environmentally friendly airport.

"The theme of our Green Day 2013 is "Going Green".

The theme refers to an individual action that a person can consciously take to reduce harmful effects on the environment through consumer habits, behaviour, and lifestyle. I sincerely hope that all of Malaysia Airports' staff will take into consideration these actions while executing their daily work to ensure that we continue to be in the right path towards achieving success in all our environmental effort."

Tan Sri Bashir was also elated by the staff involvement in this programme, "The continued enthusiastic participation from all staff in the second annual Green Day programme is a testimony of our commitment and support towards environmental initiatives. It is an encouraging sign towards increasing staff engagement through an event where everyone shared a common goal of conserving and nurturing the environment."

Through Green Day, Malaysia Airports hopes the staff will discover more about the challenges that the natural world faces and learn what sustainability means to them and their workplace. It also present a refreshing and stimulating change of scenery especially to the desk bound employees.

Green Day 2013 featured exciting activities such as Walk For Green around the Malaysia Airports' Corporate Office, Malaysia Airports Recycling Programme, launch of Malaysia Airports Cycling Team by KESUMA and also Eco Race Competition. The staff were also given the chance to mark their commitment in green future by planting trees around the recently launched Malaysia Airports Sports Field.

Tan Sri Bashir also launched the Malaysia Airports Brand Culture by unveiling the "Living The Brand" tree, symbolizing Malaysia Airports' fortitude to further grow and strengthen its brand as a reputable, competitive airport company in the world. The roots on the tree represented the three main essence of the Malaysia Airports' brands which are Firm & Friendly, Business Driven & Responsible and Progressive & Practical. All of which are to be embraced by the staff towards ensuring the success of the Brand Culture.

Tan Sri Bashir said, "Having the right culture and behaviour for our organisation is essential towards achieving our vision as a World Class Airport Business. Our brand culture essence is founded on the root strength of our company while promoting the desired attributes in our people. It is a concept of connecting our business to the stakeholders, community and environment in a balance approach."

Tan Sri Bashir also highlighted the most important element of the Malaysia Airports brand' is Malaysia Airports' staff themselves and seek their commitment and promises to live the brand. Staffs were also given a packet of seed to be planted, to commemorate the day they planted the brand seed with the aspiration for it to grow into what the Company envisioned to be.

Looking at the success of the two consecutive Green Day programme at Corporate Office, Malaysia Airports is planning for the programme to be extended to other airports soon. It is Malaysia Airports' aspiration that such programme will help in identifying and develop internal 'champions' who can be the driving force in environmental sustainability.

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