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01 August 2018

Improving Customer Experience through the Airports 4.0 initiative

SEPANG- Digitalisation efforts continue to pave the way to make KLIA a service leader with the official launch of the Washroom Inspection Management System (WIMS) as well as the release of the new version of the MYairports mobile app today. These efforts are part of the Airports 4.0 digital transformation journey that will elevate the customer experience with the integration of real time information of the services and facilities that are available at the airport.

According to Raja Azmi Raja Nazuddin, acting group chief executive officer of Malaysia Airports, the WIMS is an enhancement to the current Washroom Response Management System (WRMS) that is currently used by the airport facilities management team. The WRMS was implemented in April 2018 this year with the aim to increase the standard of cleanliness of all washrooms at KLIA by providing the opportunity to the users to leave their feedback through the digital panels that are available at the washrooms. Upon receiving a feedback on the panel, the team will be alerted to take immediate action. Azmi further explained that this most recent enhancement will serve in improving the method of washroom inspection based on the standards set by the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) and the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT).

“WIMS is a 3-in-1 consolidated digitalised approach that will help all staff involved in terminal washroom cleanliness to execute their daily work in a more effective and productive manner. In addition, this will help to track the cleaning contractors’ performance and manage their contracts in a transparent manner by using real-time data. As it is linked to WRMS, the team on the ground will have full visibility of the cleanliness level in the washrooms in real-time through the various Dashboards made available on the system,” Azmi reiterated on the benefits of the new digital washroom solution.

“Through the implementation of WRMS and WIMS, we are confident that washroom cleanliness will be managed proactively to continuously improve our passenger satisfaction levels,” Azmi added.

Apart from the official launch of the WIMS today, Malaysia Airports also released the updated version of the MYAirports mobile app. This intelligent airport journey application which was previously launched last month now features more interactive information on klia2, which were not available before. The ‘home-to-boarding gate’ way-finding function has also been enhanced with real-time road traffic information that will help you know the best time to leave home for the airport. Dining and shopping features in the app are also more exciting with more comprehensive promotional listings and easy navigation to the outlets of your choice. Users can also personalise their profiles on the app with cool photographs and travel journal. On top of that, the new updated app will now enable users to provide immediate feedback at all touchpoints at the airport in which the data will then be used to enhance passenger experience and satisfaction in the long run.

The MYAirports mobile app is available on both Google Playstore and Apple App Store. 

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