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Alipay and Malaysia Airports : Spend & Win

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Alipay users who use the Alipay® mobile app (limited to version 7.7 and above) can enjoy the following promotion:
From September 20th to October 20th, 2018, each Alipay user who accumulates a spending amount over 500 RMB will get a 50 RMB red packet. The red packet can only be utilised at the next purchase at 50 RMB at merchants who accept Alipay in KL Airport.
2. This promotion is only available in Malaysia to Alipay users whose Alipay accounts have been authenticated against the individual Alipay user’s real name and mobile number. Each Alipay user is limited to only one participation in the promotion during the campaign period. For the avoidance of doubt, “an Alipay user” refers to a natural person who is legally capable of using the Alipay service, and is limited to one Alipay user per Alipay account. In any of the following cases, the account will be considered to be used by the same Alipay user, who can only participate in the promotion once:
· If there are multiple Alipay accounts on the same mobile phone or other device;
· If the same Alipay account number or mobile phone number is logged in to multiple mobile phones or other devices; or
· If the same bank card number is bound to multiple Alipay accounts.

If any of the above three cases occurs, Alipay reserves the right to suspend or permanently stop giving out the rewards to the relevant account in order to confirm the eligibility of the recipient and prevent the risk of the account, device or bank card being stolen.
3. Red packet amounts cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash or products. If a transaction is refunded or returned, only the actual payment amount (excluding the preferential amount) will be refunded, and the red packet amount will not be compensated.
4. For payment enquiries, please contact Alipay Customer Service at +8657195188. If there is a dispute, Alipay reserves the final decision right.

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