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Community Friendly

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Community Friendly

Education is the root of all success. Malaysia Airports chooses to evoke thought creativity that nurtures self-development through education sponsorships. Similarly, we pursue strategic community programmes that address the needs of those residing within our sphere of operations. In order to build strong ties with our stakeholders, various other initiatives and activities have been carried out for the betterment of local communities such as creating employment opportunities to local residents and contributing to charity groups.

The Education Scholarship Programme (ESP) is a platform for us to make a difference by nurturing young talents and contributing positively to the nation and its people. This is one of Malaysia Airports’ primary social obligations, whereby we offer scholarships to the most deserving students to pursue tertiary studies at top local and foreign universities, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and competencies to become future leaders.

Malaysia Airports has forged partnership through collaboration with the local authorities to improve the livehood of the local community by providing job opportunities to them. We train and equip the personnel with the necessary firefighting skills in Airport Fire and Rescue Services (AFRS), a specialised expertise which can only be obtained through airport operations.

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