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Environmental Consciousness

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Environmental Consciousness

As part of the company’s overall business planning, Runway to Success: (2015-2020), the Sustainability related plans, initiatives and targets were developed by the Resource Management Task Force that was managed and coordinated by the Sustainability and Transformational Management Office (TMO). The task force was formed in cross-functional manner involving subject matter experts from various divisions pertaining to the four focus areas of resource management (Energy, Water, Waste and Carbon).

The development of strategic action plans for each focus area were guided by the fifth pillar of the Strategy Themes & Objectives of Runway to Success: 2015-2020, “Sustain Our Environment and Community”. Strategic action plans were developed with the aim to achieve the following outcomes; cost savings and/or avoidance, reduction of carbon emissions, as well as an opportunity to promote our PR value as a “green” airport company.

Our employees are encouraged to adopt an environmentally responsible behaviour to promote environmental consciousness in business operations. Henceforth, related activities such as Engineering Seminar, ACI Environmental Seminar and a monthly recycling programme have been held to support the commitment towards environmentally sustainable development.

MAHB Carbon Management Plan


Annual Report 2016
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