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Malaysia Airports Apologises For Water Seepage At Penang International Airport

15 October 2012

Sepang, 15 October 2012 - Due to exceptionally heavy downpour, Penang International Airport (PIA) experienced issues with water seepage in the check-in area.

This was caused by the old gutters that could not contain the water flow from the new roof. The said heavy rain measured at 30mm, an anomaly from the usual 10mm rain that Penang normally gets. The old gutters are in the process of being replaced as part of the upgrading.

The airport operations team at PIA is working on resolving this problem as soon as possible. This area is different from the previous incident and the last part of the building to be completed.

Malaysia Airports regrets that the incident could not be helped and apologise for any inconvenience and discomfort caused to passengers and airlines due to this.

Malaysia Airports has informed the contractors to expedite the replacement of the old gutters to avoid similar occurrence in the future. We seek the public's understanding on the matter as PIA is undergoing a major expansion and upgrading whilst sustaining the airport operations at the same time.

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