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Malaysia Airports To Host Another High Profile Aviation Forum

11 February 2010

Kuala Lumpur, February 11 2010 - Malaysia Airports' leadership in aviation industry is further acknowledged as it has been entrusted to play host to another aviation industry high-profile event - Check-In Asia, the passenger and baggage processing forum for Asia Pacific travel industry stakeholders.

Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad said: "Malaysia Airports is delighted to play host to yet another important event in the aviation industry. This privilege is another testament of Malaysia Airports' calibre as an industry leader, and we will utilize this good opportunity to the fullest by showcasing not only the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) StB initiatives in action at KLIA, but the country as a whole, as we expect not less than 250 attendees and 20 exhibitors to congregate in Kuala Lumpur for this event."

"Malaysia Airports values the opportunity to provide the platform for the region's air travel industry stakeholders to discuss and decide the best possible solutions regarding the evolution of their passenger and baggage processing methods, and other potential systems towards enhancing passengers' experience, he added.

The forum will focus on check-in practices in the future, while taking a closer look at the end-to-end process from the passenger point of view, from the moment of booking to collection of baggage at their arrival destination.

Tan Sri Bashir further added: "The check-in process is embarking on a new era of methods, so we envisage that this forum will be beneficial to all industry players, in the effort to minimize passengers' hassle and maximise the capacity of airport operators, airlines and other related industry stakeholders."

The forum will also offer an insight into the latest check-in technologies, complemented by a free IATA StB workshop, where IATA's specialists and guest speakers will lead in-depth technical sessions in an interactive environment on the Fast Travel programme, which covers check-in, bags ready-to-go (bag registration), document scanning, flight re-booking self-boarding and bag recovery (lost bag registration).

Activities awaiting delegates include Welcome Reception, Gala Dinner and Airport Tour, while the venue will be at the two times World's Best Airport Hotel, the Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Apart from these, delegates will also have the opportunity to gain ideas and experiences from Asia's aviation industry experts, who will share their views and knowledge on related topics.

The Check-In events have previously been staged in North America and attracted strong global interest, but the distance for stakeholders in Asia-Pacific countries was too great to make it feasible for many to attend.

Daniel Coleman, Event Director, PPS said: "There has been great interest within Asia to share knowledge and experiences in this important subject area and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Malaysia Airports and IATA in one of the most impressive reference sites in the world for check-in excellence - Kuala Lumpur."

The forum has already received positive response from delegates. "I really enjoyed attending Check-In '09 in Las Vegas, but I think the KL event is a great idea as it will provide an invaluable forum for progressive travel industry stakeholders in this region to share experiences and ideas on the future of passenger and baggage processing, at a location in closer proximity, said Todd Grace, Strategy Manager-Airports, Air New Zealand, who is also one of the confirmed speakers for the forum.

Check-in Asia will also have a large vendor exhibition, showcasing the latest systems and components on the market, for delegates' demonstration viewing pleasure. Delegates will also enjoy a rare opportunity to enhance their networking with airports and airlines representatives.

Check-in Asia will be the third important aviation forum that Malaysia Airports is hosting for three years in a row. It hosted the World Route Development Forum or widely known as Routes in 2008 and last year the Airport Council International (ACI) World and Asia Pacific General Assembly, both in Kuala Lumpur.

"Malaysia Airports is very pleased to be partnering IATA, Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) and Airline Network news and Analysis ( to organize Check-In Asia. Also, we would like to thank ARINC, a key sponsor for the event. Together, we aim to make Check-In Asia a memorable and fruitful forum for the participants," Tan Sri Bashir concluded.

The participants will also have the opportunity to experience the latest check-in process improvement at KLIA, as the ultra-modern airport is the first international airport in Asia Pacific to achieve the Platinum status from IATA for the implementation of Bar Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP). The other three airports; Penang International Airport, Kota Kinabalu International Airport and Kuching International Airport have also achieved the Platinum status.

The Platinum status implies that all the IATA member airlines operating at the airports are issuing 2D bar coded boarding passes. The status also indicates certification by IATA that the facilities by the airports and the airlines satisfy the guidelines on the various processes from check-in, baggage drop, security control and boarding.

Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad, Managing Director of Malaysia Airports said: "These are some of the major improvements that these four international airports have undertaken to ensure customers get value-added services. These services are also imperative to ensure that the aviation industry needs and customers' demands are met."

He added: "The collaboration between the airport operator and all the airlines operating at these airports indicates the synergy and sharing of common objectives. KLIA is the first airport in the region to achieve the Platinum status, a huge feat done within a short time period."

"We congratulate Malaysia Airports on having four of its airports achieving platinum status. Malaysia Airports is a leader in implementing BCBP and the other projects under IATA's Simplifying the Business initiatives. These will help to improve service and at the same time reduce industry costs. We look forward to working with Malaysia Airports to deliver more improvements to the travel experience," said Philippe Bruyere, IATA's Global Head of Passenger.

BCBP defines the 2-Dimensional (2D) bar code printed on a boarding pass or home check-in boarding pass or sent to a mobile phone for electronic boarding passes. BCBP is part of the IATA's Simplifying the Business (StB) program, which has issued an industry mandate for all boarding passes to be bar coded by 2010.

Airlines and third parties use a barcode reader to read the bar codes and capture the data. Reading the bar code usually takes place in the boarding (transport) process, but can also happen when entering the airport security checkpoints.

The advantages of BCBP are that they provide more convenience for passengers. It facilitates home printed and mobile boarding passes even for multi-segment journeys. It also gives the airport more flexibility in terms of better security and enhances passenger management significantly. The encoded BCBP on any media is accepted for security, boarding and immigration and thus allows ease of passengers to choose method and convenience of checking-in for flights, be it through home check-in, CUSS, mobile check-in or agent check-in method.

Apart from these advantages, BCBP also promotes cost saving and IATA predicts a cost savings of up to US$1.5 billion every year for the industry by implementation of BCBP. IATA has mandated that by end of 2010, all airlines must use BCBP.

In the year 2006, MAHB entered into an MOU with IATA to adopt and implement bar coded boarding passes and also common use self service (CUSS).

CUSS was introduced in KLIA since 2007 and there are currently four airlines using CUSS - Malaysia Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch, Thai International and Cathay Pacific Airways. As of 2009, nine percent of departing passengers use CUSS facilities, in the region of 62,000 passengers per month.

By having BCBP and CUSS at the airport, passengers can enjoy hassle free check-in. Passengers have the options to do web check-in and print on A4 boarding pass or mobile devices with BCBP, check-in via CUSS and print boarding pass with BCBP or perform the legacy check-in with the check-in agents.

To support these, the security and immigration have accepted the BCBP in all medium. For the security management, scanners are installed to read the BCBP. Tests have been done at the gates to allow for passenger self boarding, but the implementation has to be reviewed in line with passenger positive identification process.

In line with home printed and CUSS printed BCBP, baggage drop facilities are provided. Passengers with baggage to check-in approach these counters with the BCBP and deliver their baggage for weighing and tags to be printed.

He added: "Malaysia Airports is confident that these services will significantly enhance our customers' experience when using these airports, and plan is also in the pipeline to extend these services to all the other airports in Malaysia."

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