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Datuk Badlisham Bin Ghazali

Managing Director

Datuk Badlisham bin Ghazali was appointed as Managing Director of MAHB on 23 June 2014. 

Datuk Badlisham began his career with Hewlett Packard Group (“HPG”) after his graduation from the USA in 1987. He has progressed well in his career with HPG, being promoted steadily over his 18 years of service where his last position was the Director and Country General Manager of Hewlett Packard Technology Solutions Group in 2005. Datuk Badlisham was appointed as a member of the Malaysian Aerospace Council (MAC) by the Ministry of International Trade & Industries (MITI) to provide expertise towards developing the national aerospace industry. The appointment which takes into effect on 15 September 2015 is for a two year duration until 14 September 2017.

On 16 January 2006, Datuk Badlisham was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) and Non-Independent Director of the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC). At the helm of MDeC, Datuk Badlisham has led the development of the National ICT Initiatives for Malaysia. The MSC Malaysia Initiative has evolved and grown, giving rise to over 3,400 ICT companies that are innovative and globally competitive via a thriving ICT ecosystem in Malaysia. The Digital Malaysia Initiative is underway towards a growing and robust digital economy for Malaysia. He was a member of the Ministry of Education's Cluster School Advisory Board. He is co-chair with Y.Bhg. Tan Sri KSN (Ketua Setiausaha Negara) on the Flagship Coordination Committee (FCC) and co-chair of the Ministry of Education Smart School Program.

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