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Practicing Sensible Economics

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Practicing Sensible Economics

At Malaysia Airports, we believe that practicing sensible economics means we run a profitable business with strong long-term growth potential.

By continuously seeking to grow our profitability, especially from the non-aeronautical segments of our business, we are not only able to sustain a healthy financial bottom line, but also uphold our responsibility to cater to the aviation needs of our local communities. This is achieved by cross subsidising our community-based airports with our more profitable airports. Sustaining these airports is important as it provides local communities to critical access to education, medicine and other supplies, especially in hard to reach areas.

Adhering to the spirit entrusted upon Malaysia Airports in our Operating Agreement, we are also committed to a revenue sharing mechanism with the Malaysia Government. As such, growing our revenue base simultaneously contributes positively to the country's financial wellbeing and reflects positively on Malaysia Airports as a concession holder over the long term.

Our airline partners are a vital component of our business. Understanding that the sustainability of their business has a direct impact upon ours, Malaysia Airports believes that it is strategically fundamental to offer the best value to them for a win-win business symbiosis. In this breath, Malaysia Airports provides a low cost base for airline operations through competitive aeronautical charges.

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