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klia2 Safety

20 May 2014

Sepang, 20 May 2014 – Malaysia Airports wishes to clarify that there is no safety risk on the apron taxiway as alleged by certain quarters.  We have stated in the past that the settlement at localised spots comprising less than 1% of the apron is anticipated due to differential settlement. We are well prepared with a clear and workable engineering solution to address this issue.

We also wish to iterate that there is no impact to flight operations of any airlines as klia2 has ample aircraft parking bays to accommodate the aircraft movements. Malaysia Airports and AirAsia have daily operational meetings attended by the Head of Departments (HOD) led respectively by AirAsia’s CEO Aireen Omar and Malaysia Airports’ Senior General Manager of Operations Dato’ Azmi Murad. Operational and safety issues are discussed at length and explanations and solutions are provided in these meetings. 

We are disappointed that despite these efforts to work together and having provided numerous clarifications, these issues continue to be raised through improper channels. On Malaysia Airports’ part, as agreed, issues on AirAsia’s operations and safety are raised through a proper forum in the true spirit of partnership. We would like to encourage AirAsia to do the same. 

Airport safety and operational efficiency is of utmost priority to Malaysia Airports and we are open to receive any constructive feedback towards improvements in these areas.

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