SEPANG – At 3.25 am today, Malaysia Airports had declared a stand down from the emergency arising from the bomb threat of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) Airbus 310 Flight PK898 from Lahore to KL International Airport (KLIA).


The flight landed safely at KLIA at 9.34pm on 7 September and all passengers disembarked safely.


The aircraft and luggage were searched and screened by the Bomb Disposal Unit and the K-Nine Unit of Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) and declared safe and clean of any explosives.


As a security procedure, the passengers were interrogated by PDRM and all passengers were released for immigration clearance at 2.31 am after satisfactory screening by the police.


Malaysia Airports would like to thank all parties involved for their assistance and cooperation during the emergency operation.


The public may contact the PIA Situation Room at 0092 2199242292 for the latest update on the passenger information, or contact PIA contact centre at 111-786-786 or www.piac.com.pk.