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5 Senses Game

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What do your 5 senses tell you?

After joining the Wonderful Visit to Oz contest, you may also participate in our 5 Senses game to get Cash Vouchers up to RM25.

1. Spend a minimum of RM150 (in one receipt or in a total of 3 receipts) at any
    retail and/or dining outlet.
2. Take your receipt(s) to any Wonderful Visit to Oz E-Kiosk in klia2.
3. Scan your receipt(s).
4. Enter your details in the Wonderful Visit to Oz E-Kiosk.
5. Collect your Game Ticket.
6. You have 10 seconds to guess 1 Sense.
7. Each Sense you guess correctly will earn you a RM5 Cash Voucher.
8. After the game, the promoter will stamp your Game Ticket for you.

Spend more, play more
RM150 – RM299 gets you 1 chance to play
RM300 – RM449 gets you 2 chances to play
RM450 – RM599 gets you 3 chances to play
RM600 – RM749 gets you 4 chances to play
RM750 and above gets you 5 chances to play

Terms & conditions
* The Game must be played on-site at klia2.
* Participants will be able to play the game three (3) hours after registering
   personal details at the E-Kiosk and printing the Game Token.
* Game Token must be presented to the Promoter In Charge for verification
   before participating in the 5 Senses game.
* To play the game, participants will have to make a guess(es) at object(s)
   hidden from view inside a box(es).
* Each correct guess made by the participant wins them a RM5 (five ringgit)
   Cash Voucher.

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