SEPANG – In reference to the various press reports on increase in aeronautical charges, Malaysia Airports wishes to clarify that the Government of Malaysia has approved the implementation of the new international passenger service charge (PSC), aircraft landing charge and aircraft parking charge at airports operated by the Group. This approval is in line with the Operating Agreement signed between the Government and Malaysia Airports in February 2009. The charges have been gazetted on 13 July 2011 and are as follows:


International PSC

·    From RM 51.00 to RM65.00 at the following airports:

  • KLIA Main Terminal Building, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Subang, Langkawi International Airport, Penang International Airport, Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 1 and Kuching International Airport.

·    From RM 25.00 to RM32.00 at LCCT KLIA and Terminal 2 Kota Kinabalu.


The PSC rates have not been changed since 2002.

PSC is paid by the travelling passenger. For the purpose of convenience, airlines assist airports with the collection of these charges. At this stage it is intended that the increase be applicable from 15 September 2011.


Aircraft Landing and Parking Charges

The landing and parking rates have not changed for the last 17 years and Malaysia has one of the lowest charges in the world. The gazetted increase is at 30% for landing and 64% for parking. These increases will be implemented gradually as follows:

·    Aircraft landing charge to be increased in three stages by 9% per annum on January 2012, January 2013 and January 2014.


·    Aircraft parking charge to be increased in three stages by 18% per annum on January 2012, January 2013 and January 2014.


Under the present incentive scheme Malaysia Airports provides free landing for 3 years for all new routes and additional frequencies operated by the airlines. This programme which was implemented in 2002 is still applicable .

Parking charges are based on 12 hour blocks with the initial first 3 hours free.


The total increase in charges on a per passenger basis ranges from 30 sen (B737-400) to 83 sen (B747-400) as seen in the table below.