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Dine Exclusives

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Get an exclusive dining experience when you visit any of our airports.
  Malaysia’s delicious national dish

Enjoy a mouth-watering, hot plate of special Nasi Lemak at the Bread Island Bakery. You’ll surely be back for more. Available at International Departure, Penang International Airport.
  Grab a bite to go

Rushing for your flight but feeling hungry? Grab a delicious special sandwich from the Bread Island Bakery. Visit us now at International Departure, Penang International Airport.
  Get some Tuna Power from one of our all-time favorites

Johnny Rockets' Tuna Melt is a powerful combination of tuna, cheddar cheese, sandwiched between wholemeal or white sandwich loaf. It's a classic concoction that packs a punch! Available at Public Concourse, Level 3, klia2
  Patty Steak + Breezy Lychee Combo!

Patty Steak Succulent beef patty, cooked to perfection & served with assorted vegetables and a distinctly flavored sauce that will make you drool! Available at Johnny Rockets outlet, Public Concourse, Level 3, klia2 from now till end of April.
  Johnny Rockets Malaysia's Funky Blues Limited Offer!

Reward your taste buds with a fizzy tropical lychee drink, a perfect complement to your Johnny Rockets' meal! A medley of fresh salad, served with succulent shrimps and hard boiled egg, dressed with a light and tangy signature sauce! Available at Johnny Rockets outlet, Public Concourse, Level 3, klia2 from now till end of April.
  Double the patties, double the taste

Imagine two juicy patties, gooey sharp cheddar cheese, beef bacon & crispy onion rings, doused with a layer of our delicious Smoke house barbecue ranch sauce. Now imagine all that in ONE BURGER! Grab a bite at Johnny Rockets, Public Concourse, Level 3, klia2.
  Crème Brûlée* and Ice Blended® Drink at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at KLIA

Delight your tastebuds this Chinese New Year with our yummy Crème Brûlée Latte and Ice Blended® Drink. With creamy vanilla, rich espresso and brown sugar, it’s a delicious experience that will leave you feeling like royalty. From now until 8th March 2015 at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, KLIA
  Taste Of India is now open at klia2!

Enjoy the most authentic Indian cuisine and fall in love with the exotic spices which create distinct and individual flavor for every dish. Still wondering what's for dinner? Come - indulge your senses at Taste of India.
  A cup of Malaya White Coffee and Thick Toasts at Malaya Kopitiam

Nothing beats a cup of Malaya White Coffee and the Chicken, Ham and Cheese Thick Toast Specialty. Get it all at Malaya Kopitiam, Public Concourse, Miri Airport.
  Waffle & Corn at Tropical Lounge, Penang International Airport

Anytime’s a great time for a Waffle with Banana and Honey. And Corn in a Cup on the side. Only at Tropical Lounge, Level 2, Domestic Departure & Arrival Hall, Airside, Penang International Airport.
  A grand assortment of dim sums at Loong Foong Dim Sums

Satisfy your hunger pangs with extra special dim sums that’ll have you coming back for more. At Loong Foong Dim Sum, Level 1, Arrival Hall, Landside, Penang International Airport.
  Nasi Liwet stopover at Bumbu Desa klia2

Get a serving of Nasi Ayam Cabai Ijo (Nasi Liwet) and other authentic Indonesian cuisine of Padang, Sunda & Malay specialties. Excite your taste buds at Bumbu Desa, Public Concourse, Departure Level, Level 3, klia2 – before you fly!
  Hey Boost Lovers

New Boost Juice Bar in Langkawi International Airport! Come over to Boost Juice Bar located at Kerbside (Arrival) and enjoy a delightful smoothie or juice. See you there!
  Wishing you a big serving of fulfillment

We're serving appetising discounts and delightful offers at Malaysia International Airports this Chinese New Year. With more than 350 outlets, there's an abundance of good fortune waiting for you at every corner. So indulge till you fly.

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