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27 November 2014

SEPANG – As a follow up to the media briefing on klia2 held on 13 Oct 2014, Malaysia Airports hosted another media visit at klia2 today to update on the progress of the customer experience enhancement project and the on-going rectification works on the depression and water ponding.

Customer Experience Enhancement

The enhancement project that Malaysia Airports undertook include the addition of the 19 walkalators and 7 buggies to ease the walking distance, the modification of trolleys to enable trolley use on the incline walkalators, as well as the provision of 30 free wheelchairs for the elderly and people with restricted mobility.

The installation of 3 new walkalators have commenced at the Skybridge; 2 at the departure level to be completed by 8 December and 1 at the arrival level to be completed by 30 December, 2014.

The trolley modification have been completed and passengers can now use the trolleys on the incline walkalators at Gateway@klia2 to assist them with the baggage handling.

Malaysia Airports has also introduced the free buggy service to facilitate the passenger movement to the boarding gates. The buggy service has proven to be popular and since its introduction, the buggy service has shuttled about 4000 passengers daily. The buggy service is available at the Skybridge departure and arrival levels, domestic boarding gates pier J as well international boarding gates pier L and international arrival piers P and Q. Currently there are 8 buggies operating and 7 more buggies will be added for this purpose by 15 December 2014.

Ensuring Safety of Airport Operations with On-going Rectification on Depression and Water Ponding

Safety of the airport operation is of utmost priority to Malaysia Airports. Prior to klia2 opening for commercial operations, it has received multiple safety certification and evaluation as listed below:

1) Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) for the terminal building on 17 April 2014, that certifies that the terminal building is safe for operations

2) Perakuan Pematuhan Pemiawaian by DCA on compliance to ICAO Annex 14 and Airport Standards Directive on 23 April 2014, that covers the Runway 3, Parking Apron, Taxiways, Terminal Building Structures and Surrounding Areas.

3) Evaluation on Safety Issue of klia2 by IKRAM Premier Consulting that covers Airport Runway, Taxiway and Parking Apron, Terminal Building Structures and Surrounding Areas.

4) ICAO Project Report on Compliance of the Apron, Runway and Taxiway; and Associated Movement Area at klia2.

All of the above have concluded that the klia2 is compliant to the safety standards and safe for operations.

Notwithstanding, Malaysia Airports acknowledge that there will be on-going settlement anticipated at klia2. The depression and water ponding is due to the differential settlement at the apron and taxiway area whereby parts of the structure rest on piling whereas the other parts are on normal ground. Malaysia Airports has embarked on a special maintenance program to address the settlement.

The special maintenance program comprise the short and long term solutions that include routine patching works, resurfacing or overlay works and the construction of concrete slab at the affected parking aprons and taxiways.

The resurfacing works (overlay) and routine patching works are performed immediately when there is a depression in accordance to ICAO guidelines, and on a continual basis. The works is performed by the contractor that has been engaged to be on standby onsite and takes about 5-7 hours to complete.

The construction of the concrete slab at the affected parking aprons and taxiways is the long term solution that have commenced since 19 June 2014. There are a total of 42 bays at the parking apron and 12 locations at the taxiway identified to be rectified progressively in the long term and these are expected to complete by April 2016, of which the progress to date is 14% -17% completed. The work plan is staggered in order to minimize the disruption to operations.

In concluding the update, Datuk Badlisham Ghazali, Malaysia Airport’s Managing Director said “Malaysia Airports have always and will continue to consider the stakeholders requirements whether from airlines, regulatory bodies or the public. During the construction phase we had about 60 technical meetings with the airlines on their requirements. Now that klia2 is operational, we continue to listen to our customers to further enhance the operations that led us to install additional walkalators, provide free buggy service and wheelchairs as well as modifying the trolleys to enable usage on incline walkalators to enhance our customer experience”.    

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