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Part A: Terminal

  1. Where is KLIA and klia2 located?
    KL International Airport is located in Sepang, Selangor, which is approximately 45 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia. klia2 Terminal is located approximately 2km away from KLIA.

    The GPS coordinates for KLIA and klia2 Terminal is 2.7402° N, 101.7081° E and 2.7440° N, 101.6852° E respectively.

  2. How do I get to klia2 from KLIA, and vice versa?
    For inter-terminal travel, you may take the KLIA Express ERL service, which is about a 2-minute journey.
    For more information on the train schedule, including other routes to the city centre, please visit the ERL website here. Alternatively, taxi services are also available at the airports.

  3. How busy are the airports?
    Both terminals handle approximately 20 million passengers per year with daily peak flight times between the hours of 0700 to 1000 and 1700 to 2300 in KLIA, and 0500 to 0800 in klia2.

  4. Where can I view the Airports' Maps?
    You may view the KLIA map here and klia2 Terminal map here.

  5. How do I contact the Airports?
    For general enquiries, you may contact our helplines below:
    KLIA hotline: +603 8776 2000
    klia2 hotline: +603 8778 5500
    Alternatively, you may also drop us a message here.

  6. Where can I check the latest flight information for KLIA and klia2 Terminal?
    For KLIA flight information and updates please click here.
    For klia2 flight information and updates please click here.

  7. How early can I check-in for my flight?
    Passengers are advised to check in 3 hours (for international travels) and 2 hours (for domestic travels) before flight time. However, it is recommended that you contact your respective airlines for more information.

  8. Is Wi-Fi available at the airports?
    Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in both public and transit areas of the airports.

  9. What are the premium lounges available in KLIA and klia2 Terminal? Where can I find them?
    The available lounges at KLIA are:
      • Cathay Pacific Lounge
      • Dynasty Lounge
      • Emirates Lounge
      • KLIA Premier Access
      • Lounges For Rent
      • MAS Golden Lounge
      • Plaza Premium Lounge
      • Royal Orchid Lounge
      • Silver Kris Lounge

    The available lounges at klia2 Terminal are:
      • Movie Lounge
      • Plaza Premium Lounge
      • Sport Lounge
      • Air Asia Red Lounge
      • Kids Zone

    For more information on the exact location of these lounges, please click here.

  10. Part B: General Enquiries

  11. Can I purchase flight tickets at the airport?
    Yes, you can. However, do take note that only selected airlines are available at the ticketing counter.

    In KLIA, flight tickets can be purchased at the Main Terminal Building, which is located at the Departure Hall on Level 5 for the following airlines:
      • Emirates Airlines (Open 24 hours)
      • Lion Air (Opening hours: from 0600 to 2100)
      • Malaysia Airlines (Opening hours: from 0600 to 2300)
      • Malindo Air (Opening hours: from 0600 to 2100)

    In klia2 Terminal, flight tickets can be purchased at the Level 3 Departure Hall for the following airlines:
      • Air Asia (Opening Hours from 0400 to midnight)

  12. How do I claim my GST (Goods & Service Tax) Refund?
    For hand-carry and checked luggage goods, items must be presented with the completed documents (GST Refund Forms, tax invoice/ shop receipt, passport and boarding pass) to the GST Customs Refund Verification Counter (located at KLIA Arrivals on Level 3 and klia2 Departures on Level 3) before checking in the goods at the airport.

    After verification, you may proceed to receive the GST refund at the refund counter located at Level 4 Immigration Hall for KLIA, Satellite Building KLIA, and Level 2 at klia2 (after you have successfully cleared Immigration) to receive your GST refund.

    Please note that refunds will be given only with proper validation from Customs.

  13. What currency can I use at KLIA and klia2 Terminal?
    Our retail and F&B outlets accept MYR, USD and other major currencies as well. Change will be given in MYR.

  14. Are there any hotel facilities within the airports?
    The available hotels within the airports' vicinity are:
      • Capsule by Container Hotel
      • Sama-Sama Express
      • Sama-Sama Hotel
      • Tune Hotel
      • Plaza Premium at Gateway@klia2

    For bookings and enquiries, please click here.

  15. What is the maximum physical currency can I bring during my travel in and out of Malaysia?
    Residents and non-residents are permitted to bring into or take out of Malaysia, Ringgit and/or foreign currencies of no more than the equivalent of USD10,000 per person. They must declare any amount in excess of USD10,000.00 when they enter or leave the country.

    For more enquiries please contact the Malaysia Royal Custom Department at +603-8776 6254 (KLIA) or +603-8778 5782 (klia2).

  16. Part C: Visa

  17. Do I require a visa to enter Malaysia?
    For the list of nationalities that require visas to enter Malaysia please refer here.

    Every person entering Malaysia must possess a valid Passport or an internationally recognised Travel Document. The document must be valid for more than six (6) months from the date of entry into Malaysia.

    Please note that the Visa that has been granted does not guarantee that the holder will be allowed to enter Malaysia. The final decision lies with the Immigration Officer at the entry point.

  18. Part D: Transit/Transfer

  19. Will I be able to enter Malaysia during my transit at KLIA/ klia2 Terminal?
    Yes, you are allowed to enter Malaysia during your transit as long as you have valid travel documents (passport, visa etc). Passengers are advised to find out the transfer details from their respective airline(s) before embarking on their journeys. You may also visit the Malaysian Immigration website here for more information.

  20. I landed in KLIA and have to catch my connecting international flight in klia2 Terminal. Can I transfer between the airports without having to go through Customs & Immigration?
    For airport transfers, passengers are still required to go through Customs and Immigration clearance in order to board or depart international flights.

  21. Is there any transportation available between terminals?
    Yes there is. You may use our inter-terminal transfer service.

  22. What is the inter-terminal transfer service?
    Our inter-terminal transfer service is a transit bus service that caters to passengers who are transiting between KLIA to klia2 Terminal and vice versa. Our team ensures that all designated counters, holding areas and pick-up/drop-off points are informative and well-maintained for the safety and comfort of all passengers.

  23. Part E: Liquid, Aerosols, Gels (LAGs) / Restricted Items

  24. What are the restrictions for Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs)?
    All liquid, gel or aerosol containers of not more than 100ml each are required to be carried in one standard re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre. The plastic bag must be presented separately from your hand luggage and other items such as coats, jackets or laptops at the security x-ray checkpoint.

  25. Part F: Parking

  26. What are the parking rates at the Airports?
    For information on KLIA parking rates, please click here.
    For information on klia2 Terminal parking rates, please click here.

  27. Is there any long-term parking available?
    Long Term parking is available and located 5 and 10 minutes away for KLIA and klia2 Terminal respectively. Free shuttles are provided to and from the airports every 15 minutes.
    For more enquiries, you may contact +603-87768444.

  28. Part G: Public Transportation

  29. What are the different modes of transport that I can take to get to and from the airport?
    The modes of public transport available are:
      • KLIA Express train – Level 1 KLIA and Level 2 gateway@klia2
      • Buses – Ground Level, KLIA and Level 1 gateway@klia2
      • Taxis - Level 3 Arrival Hall KLIA and Level 2 gateway@klia2
      • Car Rental - Level 3 Arrival Hall KLIA and Level 2 gateway@klia2

  30. How much is the train service?
    For information on the KLIA Express fares, train schedule time and destinations, please refer to their website here. Base fare for a one-way trip between KLIA and klia2 is MYR2.

  31. Part H: Lost & Found

  32. I lost one of my belongings at the airport. How do I find out if it was retrieved?
    You may contact our lost and found department at +603-8776 4312 in KLIA or +603-8778 5409 in klia2. Additionally, you may also contact:
      • Malaysia Airlines Lost and Found KLIA office (+603-8776 3733/42)
      • Malindo Air Lost and Found KLIA office (+603-8776 6591) or
      • Air Asia Lost and Found klia2 office (+603-8778 5495).

  33. I found a lost item at the Airport, whom should I pass it to?
    If you find a lost item, you may proceed to any of our Lost and Found Centres (at Level 2 Main Terminal Building, KLIA and Level 3 Departure Hall, klia2), any Information Counters or approach any of our Customer Service Officers who will assist you in filing a report for the item that you found.

  34. Part I: Facilities and Services

  35. Is there a smoking area inside the Airport terminals?
    Yes, there are designated smoking areas at all terminals. Please refer to our digital airport map for the smoking areas here.

  36. I am a person with special needs / will be travelling with a person who has special needs. Is the Airport equipped with the proper facilities?
    Yes, our airport is equipped with wheelchairs, user-friendly lifts and special toilets for disabled airport users.
    Wheelchairs facilities are complimentary in all public areas of the airports and available at the information counters on a first-come-first-serve basis. For wheelchair usage for travellers, please contact your respective airlines.

  37. How do I arrange for assistance to accompany my elderly parents regarding departure or arrival?
    For passengers who require wheelchairs with assistance, you may request this facility from the airline directly when booking your flight.

  38. Is there a children’s play area available at the Airports?
    Yes, the children’s play area is available at the Viewing Deck Level 5 Departure KLIA and Satellite Building at klia2.

  39. Part J: Commercial Services

  40. How many retail and food & beverage establishments are there at KLIA and klia2?
    For the list of the available retail and F&B outlets, please click here.

  41. Can I get a prepaid SIM card at the Airport?
    Prepaid SIM cards are available at the International Arrival Hall (Level 3) in KLIA and the Arrival Hall (Level 2) in klia2.

  42. Where can I find money changers at KLIA and klia2?
    There are 24-hour money changers available at both public and transit/departure areas in all terminals. Please refer to our digital interactive map for the locations of the money changers.

  43. What are the available ATM machines in the airport?
    ATMs for a number of Malaysia’s major banks are available, which include Affin Bank, AmBank, CIMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Maybank and RHB Bank. You can find ATMs at both public and transit areas in all terminals.

  44. Are there any printing services available in the airport?
    Printing services are available in klia2 Terminal on the level 3 Departure Hall.

  45. What are the banks available at KLIA and klia2?
    CIMB Bank full service banking is available at the Departure Hall in KLIA (Level 5) and e-banking services at the Departure Hall (Level 3) in klia2 Terminal.
    Mach by Hong Leong Bank e-banking service is located at Level 3 in the klia2 Departure Hall. Maybank full service banking is also available at Getaway@klia2.

  46. Part K: Complaints & Report

  47. How do I send feedback?
    You can send your feedback here.
    Alternatively, you can chat with us here.

  48. How do I make a crime report?
    You may approach our information counter or CARE Ambassadors and they will guide you to the police station. Alternatively, you can directly report any crime at our police station located at Level 5 Departure KLIA (+603-8776 3450) and Level 2 Arrival klia2 (+603-8778 5222).

  49. Part L: Contact Information

  50. What is the contact number for the Immigration department at the airport?
    You may get in touch with the Immigration Department at +603-8776 3681 in KLIA and +603-8778 5462 in klia2.

  51. What is the contact number for the PTPTN counter?
    You may contact the hotline at +6017-249 3000. The counter is open 24-hours and is located at Level 3A Mezzanine Floor, Sector 2, and the Departure Hall in klia2 Terminal.
    Please note that the PTPTN counter only accepts card payment.

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