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klia2 Innovative Retail Concept Attracting High Rental Rates

28 June 2012

Sepang, 28 June 2012 - Commercial operators have shown keen interest in Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad's call for tender for all four (4) phases of commercial space at klia2.

According to Puan Faizah Khairuddin, Senior General Manager Commercial Services, Malaysia Airports, the airport operator received overwhelming response for the tender briefing sessions with over 1,600 interested parties comprising retailers, F&B and services operators attending the sessions. The overwhelming response was due to Malaysia Airports' new concept of innovative retailing at klia2.

"Phase One of the tender exercise also delivered additional revenue by approximately 80% over and above our expected rental for klia2. Based on the overall tender submission, the average rental ranges from RM300/sqm/mth to RM1,050/sqm/mth. In some cases, we received rental submission that was as high as over RM2,000/sqm/mth.This well demonstrates the confidence that commercial operators have in the potential growth and business viability at klia2, with its innovative retailing concept," said Puan Faizah.

Tender briefings were conducted in phases with 133 different opportunities made available. Phase One was conducted in December 2011, Phase Two in end February/early March 2012, Phase 3 in April 2012 and Phase 4 in May 2012. The first, second and third phases involved 27, 39 and 37 tenders, respectively. The fourth phase proved to be most exciting with 30 tenders comprising individual lots as well as packaged deals. All in all, 161 outlets had been tendered for the first day of operations at klia2.

Puan Faizah revealed: "Successful bidders for Phase One will be announced early July 2012 and they will be notified by post. We received over 170 tender submissions for Phase One. We are very pleased with the tender results as it well epitomizes our travel retail aspirations for klia2. The brands and products proposed by the successful bidders were also perfected by creative concepts, originality and engagement -- values that are synonymous with the klia2 retail brand principles."

"It is not too late for those who have registered for the briefing for the fourth phase of the tender exercise to vie for a piece of the pie. Tender documents can still be purchased until 25 June 2012. The tender submission deadline for fourth phase is 3.00pm on 2 July 2012. More information on the said klia2 tender briefing is available at," added Puan Faizah.

klia2 will offer an enhanced shopping, dining and relaxation experience aimed at heightening the vibrancy of the airport. It will also be a technology-driven, shopper-oriented travel and lifestyle hub infused with a youthful culture.

"The commercial spaces are designed for success, balancing the needs of retailers and customers. We will work together with retailers to stimulate customers' senses and empower them to do things their way. There will be ample opportunities to expand on technology platforms, marketing channels, trends and services.

"Our aspiration is to change the mindset of travellers, making them realise that their vacation begins and ends at klia2. We want to engage them and give them an experience that is ELITE - Experiential, Liberating, Innovative, Thrilling and Ever-changing - so that they will keep coming back for more to explore klia2 as a destination. In short, we want them to be 'Be Curious' and turn into Retail Explorers at klia2," enthused Puan Faizah.

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