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Basic Travelling Allowance Scam Alert

28 June 2012

Sepang, 28 June 2012 - The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) and Malaysia Airports would like to caution air travellers about imposters posing as agents of the Ministry of Aviation Malaysia as part of an international scam.

The imposters operates by issuing a document "Supreme Decree No. 1121 - Regulation in Application of Law 1007 on Travelling by Air Policy", targeting air travellers leaving the country. The scam claims that the establishment of this law is to introduce the Basic Travelling Allowance (BTA) that passengers leaving Malaysia require to show at the airport. The amount of BTA varies with the type of travel Visa - Student Visa, Tourist Visa, Business Visa, and Visiting Visa.

We would like to inform all air travellers that this Supreme Decree No. 1121 is not a legitimate document. Furthermore, the travelling public should be aware that Malaysia does not impose any Basic Travelling Allowance to passengers leaving the country.

The form indicated that it was issued by Ministry of Aviation, which is non-existent in Malaysia.

In past cases, individuals were instructed to either transfer some amount of money or deposit a cheque for the purpose of fees or taxes to the imposter's account or other entity designated by the imposter.

This scam has been reported to spread at KL International Airport (KLIA). Anyone approached with such document should file a report immediately at the nearest police station.

A copy of the fake document - Supreme Decree No. 1121 - is enclosed.

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