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Malaysia Airports' Brief Comments On Issues Raised by AirAsia

06 December 2011

Malaysia Airports' Brief Comments On Issues Raised by AirAsia
Malaysia Airports wishes to provide a brief clarification on some of the issues raised by our partner at its Press Conference held earlier today.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Malaysia Airports currently has a Conditions of Use (CoU) agreement with its airlines partners as well as the ground handlers at KLIA. The CoU provides guidance on the use of airport facilities particularly in regard to the safe and secure use of the airport, as well as a schedule of applicable airport charges. This is very much in line with the common industry practice. In regard to AirAsia's request for a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) and its claim of having SLAs at airports abroad, we have indicated our willingness to have an SLA and are awaiting AirAsia's proposal on the SLA for further study and consideration. We would also like to reiterate that the airport charges, both current and future, are regulated by the Government and the mechanisms for future increases have been clearly defined in our Operating Agreement with the Government.

Site Selection of klia2
The present site for klia2 was selected based on the National Airport Master Plan (NAMP) after a detailed and comprehensive study involving all our stakeholders including Ministry of Transport, Department of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs and all airlines including AirAsia.

Joint Working Committee
The weekly meetings held with AirAsia and other stakeholders serve as a platform for all views and requirements to be discussed and addressed. Most of AirAsia's requests have been complied with. Only issues which have financial implications are referred to the Board. We will continue to engage AirAsia during the weekly meetings.
It has always been Malaysia Airports' view that in dealing with our partners, issues raised by either party are best resolved through proper consultation. However, from time to time, we are duty bound to make clarifications so that the public receive accurate information and a balanced perspective.
We hope that with the clarifications made above and over the past week on some of the issues raised, we can now move forward and work together with our partners in ensuring the successful development of klia2 for the good of the country.

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