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Research and Quality Consultancy

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Research and Quality Consultancy

MACS provides the following services in improving airport service level standards:

  1. Airport Service Quality Benchmarking Programme
  2. Airport Customer Satisfaction Performance Program (ACSPP)
  3. Measurement of Service Level Standards
  4. In-depth Customer Satisfaction Study
  5. Management Systems Application
  6. Business Excellence Practices
  7. Socio-Economy Study
  8. Self-Development Program in Service Improvement
  9. Shariah Management for Services & Products

Quality Service Monitoring (QSM)

Quality Service Monitoring is a tool to help users identify key performance indicators, to measure customers' satisfaction levels and to highlight corrective actions and improvements. QSM assists airports to gauge their level of service performance in context of the International Airport Industry and set benchmarks for Service Quality Standards.

Management System

Manages the Quality Management System, Risk Management System and monitor the Lean Initiatives of MACS:

  • To ensure compliance towards ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and MS 1900:2005 Quality Management System in Shariah Requirements.
  • To identify, monitor and mitigate all risks for MACS.
  • To identify, monitor and maintain the momentum of Lean improvement initiatives results delivery by completing the assigned projects as per action plans.
  • To develop the airport business excellence practise model based on the best airport practises worldwide.

Contact Info

Roslina Sailan
MACS - Manager, Service Monitoring Division

+603 - 8777 7407