Self-service Kiosks

To ensure that your time at KLIA will be well-spent, we offer various types of kiosks to keep you occupied before your flight.

You may surf the Internet, send emails and gain access to the web for FREE at our Internet kiosks.

They are located at 3 wings in the Satellite Building:
i) Leading to Gates C11-C17
ii) Leading to Gates C21-C27
iii) Leading to Gates C31-C37

Each kiosk at each wing features 4 units of PC.

(Managed by Rhyzrin Sdn Bhd)

• Telephony*
• Web Access*
• Information Malaysia
• Interactive Guide
• Directory Platform
• Entertainment Platform
• Online Booking
• Re-load Prepaid Card
• Bill Payment

* Charges apply for these services.

Mode of Payment:
• Coins
• Cash (currently accept RM & USD only)
• Credit cards