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Creating an Inspiring Workplace

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Creating an Inspiring Workplace

Malaysia Airports employees are our most valuable asset, as skilled employees prove to be a vital component in delivering a high level of competencies in our business practices.

In 2014, Malaysia Airports continued to drive successful programmes under the purview of the Human Resources division, where critical challenges identified were managed by practical actions. Through capitalisation of sustainable development activities, the company focuses on strategic initiatives; talent recruitment and retention, incentives and rewards for exceptional performance, as well as promoting education to enhance critical competencies.

Recruitment plays an important role in attracting talented people into joining our company. In implementing the recruitment process, we promote workforce inclusivity and diversity from different groups of age, gender and region. We believe our offerings in employee benefits, incentives, as well as our reward and recognition programme will further enhance our attractiveness as the employer of choice.

As we promote the diversity value among our employees, we embrace each other’s differences in social and cultural background. In Malaysia Airports, senior management hired are mostly from the local community, coming from different backgrounds of race, religion, culture and social values. Our senior management team consists of the Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), five Senior General Managers and 19 General Managers. We offer the same employment and promotion opportunities to everyone with the establishment of mixed team based on diversity.

In demonstrating our contribution to the economic wellbeing of our employees, the company pays an above average salary for entry level employees compared to the local minimum wage rate. In Malaysia Airports, we offer RM1,200 entry level wage compared to the national entry level wage of RM900, which is equivalent to 25% increase than the standard entry level wage. We believe that this competitive wage offering will contribute to the factor in building strong community relations and employee loyalty.

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