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KLIA Continues Pursuit of Environmental Excellence With 'Walk The Environment' Campaign

14 June 2008

Sepang, 14 June 2008 - KL International Airport (KLIA) continued its quest for environmental excellence by organising the 'Walk The Environment' campaign today, strengthening its position as an eco- friendly and environmental concerned corporate citizen.

The campaign is part of KLIA's Project Green Planet, which was launched last year to highlight KLIA's efforts in environmental conservation. 'Walk The Environment' is being organised in conjunction with the World Environment Day, which was celebrated on the 5th of this month.

Project Green Planet KLIA was launched last year, in tandem with KLIA's achievement of being awarded with Green Globe 21 Certification for the fourth year running. KLIA was first certified in the year 2004 and has been, so far the first and only airport in the world to attain the status of being Green Globe certified.

Green Globe is the global Benchmarking, Certification and improvement system for sustainable travel & tourism. It is based on Agenda 21 and Principles of Sustainable Development endorsed by 182 Heads of State at the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit. It provides companies and communities with a path to sustainable travel and tourism.

The one day programme encompasses a few events such as 'pledge-a-plant', where participants can buy a plant for RM10 to be planted at an area in KLIA. Each tree will be labeled with the donor's name, the tree's scientific and botany name. Certificate will also be issued which carry the details of the donor, locations and type of tree. Donors will also be able to visit this area from time to time.

Other activities included 'Walk The Environment Race' held at KLIA Green Park, where about 150 participants competed in a treasure hunt style with clues on environmental issues, and along the way, experienced a lifetime chance to explore the greenery of KLIA Green Park. The concept of the race was to promote the KLIA forest that has many unique tree species, estimated to be about 200 to 400 species, made up of species such as merawan siput jantan, jelutong, pinang penawar and many more.

The race was also to officiate the name of the KLIA forest as 'KLIA Green Park'. The KLIA Green Park is suitable to be an educational research area for students and other forestry bodies, based on the varieties of plants available. It is also suitable as a recreational area (jogging, trekking, mountain bike cycling, children camping and etc).

Apart from these, 'Walk The Environment' also featured public activities, exhibitions, displays, talks on the environment, demos and entertainment performances.

Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Aris Othman, Chairman of Malaysia Airports in his speech said: "We recognise the need for sound environmental practices - to reconcile the needs of present and future generations through the application of technology and human ingenuity. KLIA has managed to address this in its efforts to be a World Class Environmental Friendly Airport - answering the needs of the future generation."

He added: "Human factor plays a very important role in an organisation's environmental and social performance. I am proud of the KLIA community for their commitment to the environment. It is a showcase of teamwork to jointly develop a set of coordinated action plans to achieve operational excellence at KLIA where all parties at the airport have a part to play to ensure sustainable performance in the future."

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