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Policy On Prevention And Eradication of Drug And Alcohol Abuse In The Workplace

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Malaysia Airports is committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and stakeholders.

We believe that the use and abuse of drug and alcohol will impair the ability of individuals to discharge their duties, and have serious and adverse effects on safety, efficiency and productivity of the workplace.

We adopt a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on the consumption, possession, distribution or selling of:

a) drugs; and

b) alcohol

by any individual at the workplace.

We reserve the right to:

• Conduct a search on any individual and/or his/her personal belongings within our premises where it is suspected that drug, alcohol or substance abuse has occurred, or as and when deemed necessary.

• Require any individual within our premises to undergo testing for the presence of drug and alcohol.

This policy applies to all our employees, vendors, visitors, customers and contractors who are in our premises.

Any employee found to have infringed this policy will be subjected to disciplinary action, including termination of employment. Non-employees will be required to leave our premises with immediate effect and appropriate actions will be taken against them.

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