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If you are on transit at KLIA and you feel like venturing outside, consider visiting these nearby attractions!

Sepang International Circuit

Built for the motorsports enthusiast, the Sepang International Circuit is located just outside of the KL International Airport. The state-of-the-art circuit host the Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix in March every year, bringing the sport's biggest names to Malaysia. During the off season, the circuit opens up its doors to various other motorsport events from Motor GP to Super GT races.

Sepang Gold Coast

When flying into KLIA, you may notice a row of luxury villas stretched out at sea, arranged in the shape of a palm tree. That's the Sepang Gold Coast, a premier resort built to adapt the cultures of a global village. Sporting a Balinese architecture, the villas offers travellers an alternative escape when transiting at KLIA.

Mitsui Outlet Park

Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA SEPANG (MOP) is a factory outlet shopping mall located 60km from KL and 6km from KLIA and klia2. Advocating a factory outlet concept, MOP offers a myriad of upper-middle to high-end off seasoned brands and products at attractive discounts and not forgetting a Japanese Specialty Store (Japan Avenue), introducing Japanese Art, Culture, Music and Culinary Delights. Catering to a diverse group of customers, MOP also offers an array of scrumptious fare ranging from authentic Malay cuisine, oriental fare to western delights, cafes and a food court.

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