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Creating an Inspiring Workplace

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Creating an Inspiring Workplace

As part of the service industry, we know that our people are our greatest resource. Our employee base comprises of a widely diverse range of backgrounds, suitably reflecting Malaysia's colourful cultural identity. We believe that playing upon each other's strengths creates an exciting environment to develop one's career and makes Malaysia Airports a great place to work.

Besides a salary scheme which is competitively benchmarked against other Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) in Malaysia, Malaysia Airports also offers a range of other benefits to permanent employees, such as a comprehensive health benefits which is extended to immediate family members, vehicle and home loans, additional contributions to our employees' Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and a range of work related allowances.

Aside from this, Malaysia Airports also organises a number of events and activities throughout the year to encourage our staff to lead healthy lifestyles physically, mentally and spiritually. These events and activities include sports festivals, teambuilding events, awareness seminars and religious talks.

Freedom of Association and Collective bargaining is practiced at Malaysia Airports whereby the right to join is given recognition. The Trade Union Body has been a part of the company's policy since the inception of Malaysia Airports. This is proven by the recognition of three unions and an executive association here.

We implemented a Sexual Harassment Policy in July 2012. Sexual Harassment Policy training for all staff at KLIA and all our international airports has been fully completed. The total hours of this training per employee was between 1 to 2 hours. Any cases raised are dealt with and resolved according to the law and policy. All cases are resolved through a formal grievance mechanism (as we are bound under the law).

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