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17 November 2014

SEPANG – The installation works of three additional walkalators at klia2 has commenced on 13 November and the first two walkalators will be ready by first week of December and another one is scheduled to be completed by end of December 2014, after testing and commissioning.

Two walkalators will be installed at Skybridge, Level 3 (international departure level) while another one will be installed at Skybridge, Level 3M (international arrival area).

The contractor has installed hoarding to cordon off the affected areas. Malaysia Airports is working closely with the contractor to ensure minimal inconvenience to passengers throughout the installation works.

These three walkalators are part of the 19 extra walkalators which will be installed over time at klia2. The remaining walkalators are scheduled to be installed by next year.

The additional walkalators is expected to save passengers approximately five minutes of walking on the 300 meters long Skybridge which links the main terminal and the satellite building. Malaysia Airports has conducted a study prior to the installation on the walkalators to ensure the walkalators are placed at strategic areas where passengers can benefit fully from it.

The additional walkalators are part of Malaysia Airports’ effort to ease passenger flow and movement. Currently, Malaysia Airports also provide free buggy rides, which are open to all passengers, with priority given to the disabled, elderly, expectant mothers and those needing special assistance. 

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