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23 June 2014

Sepang, 23 June 2014 – Malaysia Airports is pleased to welcome its new Managing Director Datuk Badlisham Ghazali who officially reported for duty today. 

Datuk Badlisham is a perfect fit with the role – his most recent achievement as the chief executive officer (CEO) of the government-linked company (GLC) Multimedia Development Corporation (MdeC), in increasing the revenue and investments of MSC Malaysia to nearly RM35 billion stands as a testament to his track record in promoting innovation. 

The aviation industry is an ever changing landscape as a result of the world’s population adapting to new lifestyle and technology trends, forcing businesses to come up with new business models and innovative solutions in an effort to keep up with this change. Malaysia Airports, in its bid to become a global leader in building airport cities requires a leader who will be able to steer the company into an environment of continuous innovation. 

As a GLC, Malaysia Airports elicits interest from a broad range of audiences. Not only does the company have to deal with the usual group of stakeholders for an airport operator such as airlines, local and foreign governments, institutional investors and shareholders, it also attracts attention from the general public and entities who monitor issues that are of national interest. Datuk Badlisham’s sterling career in a similar environment will allow him to perform the role of managing stakeholders at the highest level with ease. 

Apart from multiple stakeholders, the airport environment these days is fraught with new challenges involving expansion, new generation airports development and privatisation. In addition, airlines are also continuously evolving their business models from the conventional full service to low cost to hybrid due to greater competition, and customer demands are becoming more sophisticated. 

An airport operator now straddles both sectors – its traditional one of transport and its modern one of service where meaningful experience is a byword. Datuk Badlisham is a great proponent of the service culture; coupled with his previous stint in a multi-national corporation (MNC), the management is confident that his extensive experience in this area will stand the company in good stead in fulfilling its new mission to create joyful experiences by connecting people and businesses. 

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