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14 May 2014

Sepang, 14 May 2014 – Over the last 48 hours and the Wesak holidays, klia2 saw a peak in its traffic movements recording close to 160,000 passengers on more than 900 flights. This is a good indicator of the healthy traffic performance by airlines operating at klia2. This is also consistent with Malaysia Airports’ expectations of reaching 24 million passengers within the first 12 months of operations at klia2.

Malaysia Airports has also observed stable and very good performance from the flight and airport operations. On-time-performance (OTP) records show that 88% of arrival bags were delivered within 15 minutes of actual time of arrival and in all cases the last bag was delivered below 45 minutes of arrival. The aerobridges docking were all on time with 98% of the aerobridges docked within 2 minutes of aircraft being parked at gate. The bays and gates allocation have also improved significantly to being just 9 bay changes on 13 May and no bay changes up till noon today.

The commercial offerings at the klia2 terminal continue to be improved with 105 commercial outlets opened now for public’s enjoyment. Out of these, 35 are F&B outlets spread out through the terminal in both the domestic and international boarding piers. There are 12 F&B outlets at the departure hall, 9 at the domestic piers and  14 at the international piers. In additional there are 60 F&B outlets at Gateway@klia2. There are 4 banks operating at klia2 namely AmBank and Maybank at Gateway@klia2 whilst CIMB Bank and Hong Leong Bank are in the terminal proper, and a total of 6 Bureau de change services for the convenience of passengers. 

The holidays and the varied klia2 promotions by the airlines led to an exceptionally high number of passengers and visitors at klia2. Over the last 2 days more than 200,000 people were at klia2 and gateway@klia2. The facilities were heavily used and the airport operations team and the service contractors were working extra hard to ensure that the facilities were in good order especially on overall cleanliness and trolley management. There are a total of 140 cleaners working per shift, to maintain the total 830 toilet cubicles at 70 different locations provided at klia2. In addition there are 120 workers to manage the trolleys.  Malaysia Airports seeks the public’s patience and support in helping it keep the facilities clean and in good working order with proper usage. We are looking at new initiatives such as to install the Customer Realtime Feedback System in the toilets for the public to report issues pertaining to cleanliness and breakdowns – to help us to respond more quickly. We have also been able to receive and respond to public feedback via social media on such issues – which we have found useful.

Malaysia Airports would like to thank the public for its support on klia2 and hopes that together with all stakeholders, it will be able to make KLIA/klia2 a more competitive hub in the region.  Malaysia has come a long way in overall aviation leadership whereby we were able to open klia2 smoothly with all airport systems working efficiently with an average traffic flow of over 60,000 passengers daily. In comparison when KLIA was opened in 1998, it’s daily average was around 30,000 passengers.  

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