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Irresistible Offers

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Don't miss out on these Shop Promotions when you visit any of our Airports.
  Santai Promotion

Tired of waiting flight time? Good news everyone! Now you can rejuvenate your legs & body with our latest promotion! Our outlet is located at Departure Hall, klia2. Bring your family & friends together and enjoy an unforgettable moment with our well-trained therapist. Call 017-8823752 for booking!
  KASHKHA Best Value Promo

KASHKHA now offers BEST VALUE PROMO STARTING FROM RM19 onward on selected items only. Offer valid at ALL our outlets in KLIA.
  TOTEM Fragrance by Kenzo now available!

KENZO chose to launch three fragrances instead of just one to captivate all identities. Three mighty signatures, universal, but with a strong character. Without being limited to the typical perfumery "compartments," these fragrances are playful and easy to make one’s own. With TOTEM, KENZO outmaneuvers the clichés, making trends and types more fluid. The millennials combine masculine and feminine worlds, changing genders and identities as the evenings pass. TOTEM mixes the influences, in the same way that a KENZO dress might join a flower print to a strict cut. A new TOTEM can be adopted for an evening, for a year or for an adventure... 

Available now at Be Duty Free @ klia2 

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