Quarantine Regulations

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The staff at Kuala Lumpur International Airport work to protect Malaysia's important agriculture and horticulture industries. A range of checks are processes are used to detect pests and diseases.

Plant Quarantine

Visitors intending to bring plants, planting material (eg; seeds, cutting), and plant produce (eg: fruits, vegetables), rooting media (eg: peatmoss) or micro-organism; must obtain an Import Permit from Department of Agriculture, Peninsular Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

The consignment must fulfil the requirements in the Import Permit and certified by a valid Phytosanitary Certificate issued by the Plant Protection Organisation in the country of origin. The consignment must be accompanied by both documents mentioned above. All equipment or personal belonging must be cleared and free from soil.


Aircraft arriving from American Tropic regions and Africa namely MH202; MH 204 are required to park at Gate C12 or C32 where there is an "Air Tunnel" facility.

Visitors will be required to step on floor mat (damped with "Dettol" solution at 0.5% concentration) near aircraft entrance door. Visitors will then pass through an "Air Tunnel" and later proceed to the aerotrain which ferries visitors to arrival hall at Main Terminal Building.

Visitors are required to declare to the Plant Quarantine Inspectors if they come from South and Central America or Africa or if they bring in plants, planting materials, plant produce, rooting media and micro-organism.

All visitors from South and Central America and Central Africa are required to report to the Plant Quarantine Office.


Issuance of Import Permits
Application - Applications should be made on form PQ8 obtainable from any Plant Quarantine Office. Permits will be issued within one week upon receipt if application fulfils all requirements. A copy of the Import Permit (IP) shall be submitted to the exporting country for treatment and quarantine purposes as stated in the import Permit (IP).

Submit your application to:

The Director,
Crop Protection and Plant Quarantine Division,
Department of Agriculture,
Jalan Gallagher,

A processing fee of RM15 is charged per permit.

For further details, please contact:


Plant Quarantine KLIA Plant Quarantine Unit
Chief Agriculture Department,
Jalan Pekeliling 4,
Southern Support Zone,
KL International Airport,
64000 KLIA,
Sepang, Selangor.

Tel: 603-8787 3601
Fax: 603-8787 3604
Officer on Duty
Plant Quarantine
Level 3, Main Terminal Building,
KL International Airport,
64000 KLIA,
Sepang, Selangor.

Tel: 603–8787 2015 /2107
Fax: 603–8787 1996


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