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Clarification on "MAHB gets klia2 terminal" in Business Times

04 March 2014

Sepang, 4 March 2014 - In regard to the report by Business Times on 1 March titled "MAHB gets klia2 terminal" in which it was stated that the main contractor of klia2 handed over the main terminal building to MAHB etc, Malaysia Airports wishes to clarify that the terminal building remains under the responsibility of the main contractor until the Certificate of Practical Completion (CPC) is issued by MAHB.

For the CPC to be issued and full handover to happen, the terminal building must obtain the Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) based on the relevant authorities' requirements, and all works must be completed according to the Malaysia Airports' operational requirements as stated in the contract.

However to facilitate the 2 May 2014 opening, the terminal building contractor has agreed to allow the commercial retailers, agencies and airlines to start their renovation, as the contractor has now received the recommendation letter from the Fire and Rescue Department to certify that the terminal complies with the firefighting and safety regulations.

The contractor is currently rectifying the sewerage system in order to issue the CCC to Malaysia Airports by April.

The Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) is currently ongoing to prepare for 2 May 2014 opening date. Notwithstanding, Malaysia Airports' priority is on the safety, operational efficiency and quality of the terminal building and we are working closely with all the stakeholders to ensure that these are achieved.

The ORAT Working Committee (OWC) chaired by Malaysia Airports' Senior General Manager, Operations, communicates and monitors the progress of the airport readiness and preparation for the airport transfer on a regular basis. The opening date of 2 May 2014 has been communicated clearly to all stakeholders including airlines, government regulatory agencies, and recorded at these regular meetings. At the recent National ORAT Steering Committee chaired by the Secretary General, Ministry of Transport, it was again reiterated that the government is firm on the opening date of 2 May 2014 for klia2 and that all stakeholders must work together to ensure the seamless and successful opening of the national project.

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