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08 October 2015

SEPANG – Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (Malaysia Airports) had previously stated that the on-going soil settlement at klia2 is a situation that was anticipated during its construction and a special maintenance programme was put in place to deal with the situation. As an initiative to keep the public informed and updated on the progress of the maintenance programme, Malaysia Airports will be publishing a series of infographic reports on its website and social media platform pertaining to the works undertaken to mitigate the effects of the settlement at klia2. The infographic reports will be made available on a monthly basis.

The first of the infographic reports series has explained the types of settlement experienced at klia2 and the solutions that are being implemented to address them. It has also stated the current status of the works in terms of affected areas, work-in-progress, completed works, and planned works; both in the short–term and long-term.

The special maintenance program comprise short-term solutions such as routine patching works, pavement overlay works; as well as a long-term solution such as the construction of concrete slabs at affected parking bays.

For 2015, the pavement overlay works involve 19% of the total 1.48 million sq.m klia2 airport area and as at 30 September 2015, 83% of this pavement overlay works have been completed.  The percentage of the area to be maintained with pavement overlay works will reduce over time from 19% in 2015 tapering to a minimum of 5% by 2019.

The construction of the concrete slabs at the affected parking aprons and taxiway have been implemented progressively as a long-term solution and is expected to complete by April 2016.  As at 30 September 2015 the progress of this long –term solution is 75% completed. The work plan is staggered in order to minimise the disruption to operations.

It is our hope that by sharing this information, the public will have first-hand information and a greater understanding of the actual situation and not be influenced by speculation.  The infographic reports are available at and our official social media platform – Malaysia Airports (Facebook), @MY_Airports (Twitter) and Malaysia Airports (Instagram).

Malaysia Airports continues to value the strong engagement we have with all our stakeholders whereby the Joint Inspection Committee regularly meets and conducts weekly inspection with all relevant parties including airlines. To this effect, all parties are well informed of the on-going works and solutions employed, besides being constantly engaged on operational issues.

 We remain committed to ensure the safety of airport operations at all our airports.


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