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Malaysia Airports' Initial Response to AirAsia's Press Release Dated 5th Dec

05 December 2011

We refer to AirAsia's press release dated 5th December 2011. We have taken note of the contents of the release and the attached correspondences. For purpose of completeness, we wish to attach just two (2) letters at this stage that have not been included in the correspondences. We also wish to highlight that so far a total of forty-seven (47) meetings have been held between Malaysia Airports and AirAsia since April 2010 until now to discuss and address all of AirAsia's requirements. A workshop with all stakeholders including AirAsia was also held in September 2009 where the Needs Statement for klia2 was formulated. The full agreed Minutes of these meetings will better reflect the detailed discussions held between both Malaysia Airports and AirAsia on the development of klia2.

Letter to Chairman AirAsiaX on klia2 Completion 10 October 2011


Letter from CEO AirAsia on BHS 16 June 2011


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