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Stop - Work Policy

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At Malaysia Airports we recognise that continuous commitment in Safety, Health and Environment management is critical to the success of our business activities and operations.

Our objective: Prevent Imminent Incidents, Accidents or Injuries

Our objective is to attain zero incident based on best industry practices, to be in compliance with international standards and applicable legislations.

All Malaysia Airports’ employees have a duty to embrace, apply and comply with the all-important

STOP – WORK principle.

  • To prevent imminent incident, accident or injury, ANYONE who observes an action or condition that is considered unsafe and potentially dangerous to personnel, equipment, environment and / or the project works has a right and duty to intervene and stop the work operation.

When it comes to Safety, Health and Environment, everyone in our organisation is expected to show responsible leadership towards the prevention of incidents and accidents, and is expected to actively intervene whenever potential risks to personnel, equipment, environment or the works are observed or identified.

The Management of Malaysia Airports is fully committed to the application and implementation of the STOP – WORK principle to ensure a safe working environment.

Sustainability Report
Annual Report 2016