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Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

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Malaysia Airports is committed to operate its Airports and other Business units in full compliance with applicable national and international statutory and regulatory requirements, free from hazards in consideration of Safety, Health and Environment Management System (SHEMS) and Aerodrome Safety Management System (ASMS) to employees, and other interested parties i.e. customers, vendors, and public to prevent pollution, injury and ill health.

We shall;

  • Ensure compliance to all relevant legal, other requirements, SHEMS and SMS elements.
  • Ensure commitment to the management of SHE and SMS risks.
  • Review SHE and SMS objectives and targets at regular intervals towards positive and continuous improvement.
  • Conduct internal audits periodically based on SHEMS and SMS elements and apply the audit system as guidance in compliance and continual improvement.
  • Review and investigate SHE and SMS issues and incidents thoroughly to ensure the effectiveness of the corrective action taken.
  • Conduct SHE and SMS awareness through communication with employees, and other interested parties i.e. customers, vendors, and public.
  • Act proactively and economically to reduce organization’s SHEMS and SMS impact.

Management and employees shall,

  • Be accountable towards SHE and SMS of individuals, customers, company’s assets, aircraft and others.
  • Encourage employees to report on SHE and SMS issues.
  • Be actively involved in the promotion of SHEMS and SMS culture to achieve the objectives and targets effectively.
  • Establishment of clear standards for acceptable behavior.
  • Identification of responsibilities of management and employees with respect to SHE and SMS performance.
  • Provide the necessary resources for SHEMS and SMS implementation.

Sustainability Report
Annual Report 2016