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Irresistible Delights

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Don't miss out on these Irresistible Delights when you dine at our Airports.
  Celebrating O’Briens 12th Anniversary in Malaysia

Bring on the party with a special 45% discount on 5 of O’Briens bestselling sandwiches priced at RM10 each. Valid for one day only on 16 September 2014. Exclusively at O’Briens, Public Concourse Level, Level 3a, Departure Level, klia2.
  FALL in Butter Pecan Love! At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, KLIA.

Be swept off your feet every day with our Fall-inspired Butter Pecan Ice Blended® – a marriage of sweet, buttery caramel and hints of vanilla coupled with candied pecan and rich cream toppings. And get your share of lip-smacking Butter Pecan Latte to warm up your evenings, or have it iced to sprite up your nights. Exclusively available at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Satellite Building, KLIA for a limited time only – from now till 2 November 2014.
  Taste & Treats offers 20% off regular-priced items

Catch a scrumptious meal with your loved ones and enjoy a 20% off regular-priced items with a minimum spend of RM200 in a single receipt. Valid from 1 August till 30 September 2014. Not applicable with other promotions. Only at Taste & Treats, International Departure, Satellite, Pier Q, klia2.
  Enjoy 20% off regular-priced items at Taste & Delights

Experience a memorable meal with your family and friends. Get to enjoy 20% off regular-priced items with a minimum spend of RM200 in a single receipt. Valid from 1 August till 30 September 2014. Only at Taste & Delights, International Departure, Satellite, Pier Q, klia2.
  Airport Shoppe Chef In A Box

If you are on the go, get these pre-packed ready-to-eat meals at Airport Shoppe, Level 3, Main Terminal Building, KLIA. 

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  Airport Shoppe Ramadhan Cookies Special

Get 15 % off when you buy any 2 Raya Cookies from Airport Shoppe! Visit Airport Shoppe for the Ramadhan Special now at Level 3, Arrival Hall, Main Terminal Building, KLIA!
  Apron Café Ramadhan Set Menu

Get a special set menu at only RM13.90 this Ramadhan when you dine at Apron Café, Level 2, Main Terminal Building, KLIA!
  Apron Marché Ramadhan Set Menu

Ask for the Ramadhan Set Menu when you visit Apron Marché at Level 1, Kota Kinabalu International Airport! Get a set at RM8 for your Buka Puasa.
  Birthday Treat At KLIA!

Get 50% off when you celebrate and dine at any of these participating outlets because it is your birthday! Collect your birthday treat at Food Garden, ApronBites, Apron Café or Apron Marché.

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  Apron Café's All Day Favourite: The Laksa Sarawak

Grab a delicious bowl of Laksa Sarawak at only RM8.90 any time of the day. Visit Apron Café, Kuching International Airport from 7am - 11pm to try one now. Not applicable with any other discounts, promotions or voucher.
  Experience the variety of Malaysian Satay

Enjoy this promotion and feast on chicken, beef and other satay flavours at ApronMarche and Apronbites at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

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  Apron Mineral Water

Quench your thirst with the Apron mineral water at RM1.20 (600ml) and RM1.00 (375ml) at Airport Shoppe (Arrival Hall, KLIA).
  Airport Shoppe

Get a Kit Kat bar and a 600ml ERAMAN Apron Mineral Water for only RM5 at Airport Shoppe, Arrival Hall.

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  Apron Marche Lunch Promotion

Get a Lunch Value Meal at RM6.50 with a choice to add-on a dessert pudding at RM1.00 at Apron Marche.

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  Apron Marche Breakfast Promotion

Get a Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai or Toasted Bread with a choice of Black Coffee, White Coffee or Teh Tarik at only RM5.90 at Apron Marche.

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