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06 November 2018

Performance results for KUL in September were exemplary and well above targets

SEPANG – Malaysia Airports exceeds the service targets in the Airport Quality of Service (QoS) framework that was launched by the Malaysia Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) beginning September 2018 with exemplary results. The first phase of the framework that was implemented at KL International Airport (KUL) measured the service quality elements encompassing the cleanliness of the passenger toilets, the condition of the staff toilets and the reliability of the ramp Wi-Fi for both its terminals, KLIA Main and klia2. 

According to Raja Azmi Raja Nazuddin, the acting group chief executive officer of Malaysia Airports, KUL performed well beyond the passing scores for the first month’s results and the team vows to continue delivering good service levels for the benefit of passengers. He said, “Malaysia Airports is always committed to ensure that the service levels are satisfactory for its passengers and airport users. We have put in place excellent basic services and facilities for their comfort and convenience. The Airport QoS framework further helps to maintain the consistency of our airport performance.  We have promptly acted on the feedback of the stakeholders as they are very important to us in order to deliver the expected service levels. What matters to you matters to us.” 

For the month of September when the Airport QoS framework was first rolled out, KUL achieved a 98% score over the targeted passing score of 90% for the service quality element of passenger washroom cleanliness. As for the condition of the staff washrooms, KUL scored an average of 94.5%, above the targeted passing score of 80%. The other service quality element that was measured is Ramp Wi-Fi whereby both the terminals at KUL achieved a passing rate. 

The Airport QoS framework aims to guide airports in operating efficiently and provide a seamless experience to passengers and the airport community. The monthly inspection conducted by MAVCOM to meet the framework’s objectives evaluates the quality of services at the airports and ensures vital facilities such as washrooms meet the requirements and guidelines that have been set by the agency. 

More service quality elements have been implemented since October last month and the list includes the availability of the Aerotrain, lifts, escalators, walkalators, arrobridge and aerobridge operators; as well as the service provided by the Visual Docking Guidance System.

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