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12 Schools Graduate From Malaysia Airports' 2nd Phase Of Beyond Borders Programme

20 November 2012

Kuala Lumpur, 20 November 2012 - Twelve schools adopted by Malaysia Airports 'graduated' today, as Malaysia Airports completed the three years adoption period under Beyond Borders, its flagship Corporate Responsibility (CR) programme for the community.

Malaysia Airports has adopted a total of 21 schools since 2007. As a sustainable CR programme, Malaysia Airports will continue to adopt other schools with the aspiration to achieve better results and emulate the achievement of the past 21 adopted schools especially in terms of usage and application of the English language.

Tan Sri Datuk Dr Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah, Chairman of Malaysia Airports in his speech said, "In this second phase, the students' proficiency in English language has shown encouraging improvement. This year, the adopted schools have shown a tremendous improvement by achieving an average percentage of 75% passes in English subject for year 2012 compared to only 52% when we first started the programme in 2010.

We are delighted that Beyond Borders has helped to nurture quality students especially those who are in Year 6, and increased the percentage of passes in English subject. It is apparent that since the inception of Beyond Borders, the schools have benefited from the programme and have managed to tackle what was once a killer subject for most schools."

The twelve adopted schools were chosen based on the proximity to the airport, experiencing academic and economic challenge, and Malaysia Airports plan to continue with this criterion in choosing the future schools for adoption, in the effort to contribute to the surrounding communities that Malaysia Airports operates in (list of adopted schools attached).

This noble effort of contributing to the development of communities through education has seen Malaysia Airports awarded the prestigious Community Engagement Award by Enterprise Asia in the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards (AREA) 2009 Malaysia and two awards in the The StarBiz-ICR Malaysia Corporate Responsibility Awards 2009, for the Community and Environment categories.

Tan Sri Wan Abdul Aziz said, "I am proud to say that our dedicated team, that consist of Malaysia Airports staff as well as the school teachers and representatives from the Ministry of Education, has worked closely hand-in-hand and created a truly comprehensive framework to realise the aspiration of Beyond Borders to improve the academic achievement particularly in the English Language. The framework also addresses personal efficacy and development of greater self-esteem for all teachers and students."

Beyond Borders advocates four different competitive programmes that serve as the pillars, namely Golden Pen Award Essay Writing Competition, Beyond Borders Interschool Project Competition, Planet Green Interschool Project Competition and 'Act It Up' Interschool Drama Competition. Atotal of RM31,150 cash prizes was allocated as a reward to all participants of these four competitions and other supporting awards.

In the Golden Pen Award Essay Writing Competition, Standard 6 pupils from the adopted schools will be rewarded for the best essays submitted for the competition. The shortlisted pupils from each school sat for the final essay writing competition earlier today. Panel of judges will select top three winners which will be announced tonight.

For Golden Pen Award Essay Writing Competition, the winner will receive RM700, second place will receive RM500 while third place will receive RM300 and a consolation prize of RM50.

The 'Act it Up' Interschool Drama Competition was introduced as part of Malaysia Airports' effort to create a greater affinity and passion for Science and English and develop student potential by applying a well-rounded approach in balancing creativity and academic excellence through drama and stage performance.

The competition was opened to all Standard 3 and Standard 5 students. The theme is "Everything around you is Science". Each school was required to produce a 15 minutes drama comprising a team of maximum 8 students.Four schools made it to the final stage, which will be held tonight - SK Sg. Raya (Perak), SK Olak Lempit (Selangor), SK Parang Putting (Kelantan) and SK Batu Tiga (Pahang).

'Act it Up' competition offers RM2,000 for first prize; RM1,000 for second prize; RM700 for third prize and a consolation prize of RM500.00. There are also cash prizes of RM500 each for Best Actor and Best Actress while the Best Director will also receive RM500.

Earlier today, teachers from four schools competed in the final stage of Malaysia Airports' 'Beyond Borders Interschool Project Competition', presenting their schools' projects to judges. The four schools which managed to reach the final stage were SK Wakuba from Sabah, SK Seri Cheras from Kuala Lumpur, SK Sungai Raya from Perak and SK Sungai Batu from Penang.

One of the objectives of Beyond Borders Interschool Project Competition is to encourage and promote the school community to challenge themselves and go beyond their own personal boundaries through the implementation of school project and project management. These projects are created by the teachers to enhance reading habits in school. It will also aid the teaching process and ultimately results in adopting English in school easier and smoother.

The school which emerge as champion in the Interschool Project Competition will receive RM3,000; second place will receive RM2,000 while third place walk away with RM1,000 and RM500 for consolation prize.

The Beyond Borders Planet Green Interschool Competition is a competition aimed to promote and cultivate 'green culture' among its school community. The competition is also a follow-up from the teachers' workshop conducted where teachers involved have to plan and implement a school project that is sustainable and environmental based.

The schools that made it to the final stage presentation today were SK Wakuba (Sabah); SK Parang Puting (Kelantan); SK Temenggung Datuk Muip (Sarawak) and SK Labu Ulu Batu 8 (Negeri Sembilan). The winner for the Beyond Borders Planet Green Interschool Competition will receive RM3,000; second place RM2,000; third place RM1,000 and consolation prize of RM500.

To further celebrate and encourage participation, Malaysia Airports created special awards for Beyond Borders Awards 2012. The special awards are Best Principal, Best SPOC (Single Point of Contact), Best Presenter for Beyond Borders Interschool Project Competition, Best Presenter for Beyond Borders Planet Green Interschool Project Competition, Best Airport Representative, Top Volunteer Award, School with the Highest 5As in UPSR and School with the Highest Percentage Achieving 5As for UPSR.

The grand prize winner of Best Beyond Borders School will walk away with a cash prize of RM3,000 accompanied by a trophy and certificate. All twelve schools will also receive their graduation certificates to mark the end of their adoption period with Malaysia Airports.

A total of 120 teachers and 156 students are present at for the Beyond Borders Awards ceremony, and as a morale booster to the students, 36 parents are also present. Guest judges for Beyond Borders' competitions comprised of representatives from media agency, government ministry, university and art academy.

Malaysia Airports also salutes the contribution of its staff in the 2010-2012 Beyond Borders activities, which has recorded a total number of 110 volunteers equalling 1772 volunteering hours this year.

Tan Sri Wan Abdul Aziz said, "It is also our hope that Beyond Borders would leave a positive legacy for the schools, in particular the lives of the children that we have aspired. And to the children of Beyond Borders, do not be afraid to spread your wings and fly. Nevertheless, as the framework for Beyond Borders is founded on sustainability, we shall be introducing the Beyond Borders Alumni programme as a continuing initiative and we look forward to work with all of you again in the future

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