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Malaysia Airports Well on Its Way in Helping Government Enhance Bumiputera Participation in Entrepreneurship and Commerce

18 June 2014

Kuala Lumpur, 18 June 2014 – In view of some recent news reports stating that Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (Malaysia Airports) is lagging in its role to help enhance bumiputera participation in entrepreneurship and commerce especially with regards to klia2, we are pleased to provide our track record and existing successes.   

Bumiputera participation among retail outlets at klia2 Terminal currently stands at 35%. By the end of 2014, this number will increase further to 38%. This increase will come from the designated corporate responsibility (CR) lots as well as from dedicated bumiputera lots. When compared to other popular retail complexes within the Klang Valley, these figures are among the highest as other malls only register on average, between 5 to 10% participation.   

There are 17 corporate responsibility outlets where five have been awarded to Bread & Batter, The Dough, Batik Hub, Mollydookers Coffee Bar and Eat at Joe. All of which are new bumiputera entrepreneurs.   

Another six will be awarded under the Bumiputera Entrepreneur Development Programme, a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Participants under this programme are still under evaluation and the selected proposals will be tabled for Board approval in July 2014.   

This program is geared towards ensuring that a competitive and equal platform is provided for participants and only the best few who submitted sound and sustainable business plans are selected from the many aspiring Bumiputera entrepreneurs. As this is a collaborative effort, Malaysia Airports ensures that MITI is fully apprised of each stage of the evaluation process.   

In answering the government’s call for Malaysia’s top 20 government-linked companies (GLCs) to participate in the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Plan, Malaysia Airports work hand in hand with Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera or TERAJU.   

According to Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah, Chairman of Malaysia Airports, “We are proud that we have answered the government’s call to participate to help enhance bumiputera entrepreneurship and commerce. In developing klia2 as a commercial space, we have put in place a plan that was aimed at helping bumiputera companies increase their participation in the retail business. This plan spans over five years and we are exactly on target right now. By 2018, we expect to have at least 54% participation, if not more from bumiputera companies.”   

klia2 has allowed bumiputera companies to benefit not only in terms of business opportunities and growth, but also in building invaluable experience and track record for developing and operating a world-class mega terminal. As a public listed company, Malaysia Airports is objective in ensuring that we act in the best interest of the company to remain competitive and continue to enhance stakeholders' value. 

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