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Malaysia Airports assisting AirAsia to improve flight operations at klia2

10 May 2014

Sepang, 10 May 2014 - With AirAsia commencing their operations fully at klia2 on 9 May, the terminal handled over 60,000 passengers in the 24 hours from midnight of 8 May to midnight of 9 May. The AirAsia migration was not without hiccups. However, Malaysia Airports had immediately extended support and assistance to resolve the issues faced by AirAsia, just like how Malaysia Airports worked together with other airlines to ensure smooth operations. All parties are working closely to minimise the inconvenience to travellers.

Considering the new and enhanced systems at klia2 compared to LCCT, the migration. of the airport systems such as Check-in Systems, Gate Allocation System, Baggage Handling System and Aerobridges have been operating as planned. However there were some hiccups as normally expected to handle such a large number of flights and passengers in a new terminal. Notwithstanding, other aspects involving airline operations and processes are being fine tuned day by day, and especially so with the transfer of a large airline such as AirAsia.

Malaysia Airports had advised the Airlines to review their manpower planning and resource availability for ground handling activities. Meanwhile Malaysia Airports had also deployed its own manpower to assist airlines with many aspects of operations.

Other critical areas that were highlighted by Malaysia Airports include the unusually high number of gate changes by AirAsia impacting many of their flights - and negatively impacting passengers' convenience. With the airline's assurance to minimise these changes, the situation should improve for passengers.

Malaysia Airports is also working closely with the airlines to improve on the communication and coordination channels between the airlines' staff and the airport.

In the daily coordination meeting with AirAsia today, Malaysia Airports affirmed its commitment to support AirAsia to overcome these issues and improve the overall operational efficiency for the benefit of the travelling public.

We wish to reiterate that Malaysia Airports did not impose the RM 3 klia2 fee introduced by AirAsia. The aerobridge and common use check-in facilities are standard features of most major airports around the world and typically treated as normal operating costs to airlines, similar to utilities, ground handling, fuel, landing or parking charges.

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