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Having been in the aviation industry for twenty years, Malaysia Airports stands as testament that evolution in business strategy is necessary to remain ahead of the competition.

Sensible Economics

At Malaysia Airports, we believe that practicing sensible economics means that we run a profitable business with strong, long term growth potential.

Inspiring Workplaces

Being in the service industry, we are well aware that our people are our greatest resource.

Environmental Conciousness

We believe that it is important that our employees and our community understand our impact on the environment and how we can contribute to a better and greener workplace in the long run.

Community Friendly

We are committed to creating an enironment where communities from all walks of life will be able to reap benefits that in turn generate value for our organisation.

Airport Experiences

We believe that memorable airport experience indicate that we are on the right track in providing excellent service to our passengers.


Malaysia Airports earns another recognition for its sustainability efforts.


It is our pleasure to present our 2014 Annual Sustainability Reports.
Stakeholder Engagement
Investor Relations